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Overload - Morbid Construction (6/10) - Switzerland - 2004

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 72:23
Band homepage: Overload


  1. 3bhc550001r0266 (Error)
  2. 2 Worlds
  3. Back In Time
  4. The Prison In My Head >mp3
  5. Blood
  6. Wither And Die >mp3
  7. Steps
  8. Father
  9. The Eye Of The Storm
  10. Vita Nimis Brevis Est, Ut Sit Res Severa
  11. Shadow In The Darkness (Bonus)
  12. Dead (Bonus)
Overload - Morbid Construction

OK, right off the bat a very well meant advice. Please, please, please don’t let the cover and especially the first track fool you, because the cover is, in my opinion, not really too good and the first track (fittingly with “Error” in the title) is almost pure Techno/Electro, so with most potential listeners this will lead to a pretty green colour in the face…


OK, after having this off my back, let’s continue. OVERLOAD hail from Switzerland and have the good old Heavy Metal on their banners. Wait, good old Heavy Metal? Not fully, because there also are quite a few other influences, such as some Folk and also some Gothic, so principally a quite good plan to differ from the rest, but the past has shown more than once that sometimes there are worlds between theory and practice…


So once you have survived the misled first track without any lasting damage or haven’t thrown the CD out of the player right away, you get presented with “2 Worlds”, which shows us what OVERLOAD stand for and where the problems of them lie. Quite crunchy riffing, keyboards, male and female vocals and a snare sound that is eligible for the METALLICA “St.Anger” memorial, with a comparably clattering sound, which can drive you nuts after a while.


Another potential problem is the not very expressive and at times a bit forced sounding vocals of guitarist Zoltan Daraban, while especially when keyboarder Gabriella Vari joins in the band can shine, which is especially the case in the choruses. On “Back In Time” we also get a more dark note (and the vocals also sound stronger here), which becomes more evident in the chorus, where Zoltan and Gabrielle harmonize greatly and everything sounds a lot less standardised.


On “The Prison In My Head“ the keyboards at times sound like bagpipes and the whole thing also takes on a different hue in the melodies and here it shows that Gabriella has a really strong and good voice that maybe should be used more often. “Blood” is another very positive example, where they, too, break out of the standard and convince with good vocals and catchy music, also thanks to the layered chorus, where Gabrielle once more shines.


And in the course of the album one thing becomes clear, too, that more than 72 minutes are just too much, as next to some really interesting and good songs we also get some fillers, which drag things down, with a bit more concentration on the strong compositions the band could have left an a lot more positive impression, indicating more of the potential of the band. Here, unfortunately, the more negative aspects still are in the majority, as already mentioned. (Online June 3, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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