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Leaves' Eyes - Lovelorn (9/10) - Norway - 2004

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 41:48
Band homepage: Leaves' Eyes


  1. Norwegian Lovesong >mp3
  2. Tale Of The Sea Maid
  3. Ocean's Way
  4. Lovelorn
  5. The Dream
  6. Secret
  7. For Amelie
  8. Temptation
  9. Into Your Light
  10. Return To Life
Leaves' Eyes - Lovelorn

Well, I never really liked Liv Kristine’s voice at THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, as for the older albums at least. But her pop-like solo album opened my eyes (and ears) a bit. She definitely has more to offer than a peepy voice. With LEAVES’ EYES she joined forces with the heroes of ATROCITY and proves expressively that she has a damn lot to offer.


The atmospheric songs of LEAVES’ EYES are bound in a lyric concept that tells a fascinating and mystic love story. If with heavy Doom guitars or also more relaxed rhythmic sounds they pamper us with a bunch of very moody songs. On some tracks growls appear as well, for which husband Alex Krull is responsible, what evokes associations with THEATRE OF TRAGEDY again. Everything sounds more servicable for the songs, more mature – more grown up here. Partly the choruses are really godly… Listen to the goose-skin ballad “Lovelorn”, for example – sensuality was really put to music here. At times the sweet-heart also dares to come close to NIGHTWISH vocally, respect.


Well, I’m certainly not the biggest Gothic Metal fan on earth, but this is class. The hooks and the catchy tracks have huge commercial potential – so you won’t be surprised if LEAVES’ EYES storm the charts soon. That is to say the sound is not too far away from WITHIN TEMPTATION… (Online June 3, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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