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Skylark - Wings (6/10) - Italy - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 52:54
Band homepage: Skylark


  1. Rainbow In The Dark >mp3
  2. Summer Of 2001
  3. Another Reason To Believe
  4. Belzebu 2
  5. Faded Fantasy
  6. Last Ride
  7. A Stupid Song
  8. When Love And Hate Collide >mp3
Skylark - Wings

If I didn’t miscount, “Wings“ should already be the sixth album of Italian SKYLARK. As well as on the previous records the band offers a mixture of Speed and Melodic Metal as well as classic and progressive elements. Just the typical Italo Metal on which the opinions are very contradictory everywhere.


Musically SKYLARK certainly belong to the better representatives of this genre, that’s made clear by the compositions of band leader Eddy Antonini. The opener “Rainbow In The Dark” covers almost ten minutes of playing time and is quite varied and catchy. Here the new female voice is used for the first time besides Fabio Dozzi. The lady is simply called Kiara and does her job very well. During the course of the record she can be heard more often in a duet with Fabio. The second track “Summer Of 2001” is a not very exciting Speed Metal tune with badly trashy keyboards that are already almost reminiscent of compatriots RHAPSODY. I already like the two following compositions “Another Reason To Believe” and “Belzebu 2” more. Both tracks melt into each other and are able to convince you through their catchiness and class. “Another Reason” really is a song for dreaming. Unfortunately the sentimental keyboards slightly get on your nerves here as well. However the aforesaid Belzebu comes across unbelievably embarrassing in his spoken part. If the one with horns really sounded that “evil” (not to forget the cool laugh) all Black Metal bands would probably search for another employer. As for the rest “Belzebu 2” like I said is the best rack on “Wings”. The following acoustic ballad “Faded Fantasy” could serve as an outro to the preceding song as the same theme is used again in the chorus. Fabio Dozzo and Kiara manage to stand out with a nice duet again. Appeals to me, too. The two last regular tracks “Last Ride” (average Speed Metal) and “A Stupid Song” (half ballad) don’t necessarily blow you away anymore. Nice songs but not overwhelming. For buyers of the digi pak there’s a well done cover version of DEF LEPPARD’s “When Love And Hate Collide” at the very end where Kiara is allowed to prove her skills solo again.


As you can realize “Wings“ hasn’t become an easy case. As for the song material I can quite appreciate the disc so that 7 points would have been reached very closely. However I haven’t mentioned the weakest point yet! That is the sound. Especially the guitars are so thin that during the first listening I thought that my girl friend was using the electric knife in the kitchen. It’s similar with the other instruments. The power that makes a good Metal album is missing here.


„Wings“ really is no completely bad album but with this sound the record doesn’t deserve more than close 6 points. Friends of melodic sounds as well as fans of the band can risk a listening. Haters of Italo Metal however should sharpen the knives.


Check out tips: “Another Reason To Believe”, “Belzebu 2” (Online June 4, 2004)

Patrick Weiler

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