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Porfiria - Funeral For Two (6/10) - Serbia - 2003

Genre: Avantgarde Metal
Label: Buffalo Revange
Playing time: 57:52
Band homepage: -


  1. Indulgence In Darkness
  2. Motorna Testera
  3. I Dreamt Thy Face
  4. Stvoreno Iz Smrti
  5. Nedovoljno Natprirodna
  6. The Maze
  7. Like Forever Dead
  8. The Mystical Past Comes Alive
  9. This Melodic Fiction
  10. Muvo, Pogledaj
  11. Smrt Na Vesalima
  12. Necrolog
  13. Insanity In Hell
  14. Cleanse The World
  15. Bloody Fog
  16. When Flesh Reach The Ashes
  17. Prisoners Of The Damned (M.A.D. Cover)
  18. Ubica Se Posek'o
  19. Ancient, Behold My Mistery
  20. Poslednji Pozdrav
Porfiria - Funeral For Two

In the course of the years I have discovered a bunch of weird bands and the two Serbs Morbid and Blaze definitely also fall into this category, here playing under the banner of PORFIRIA. The whole project is described as Experimental Doom/Death Metal and from the opener “Indulge In Darkness” on it gets more than clear that you can follow this description without second thought.


In the year 2000 the two guys from Novi Sad formed PORFIRIA as project after already gathering some experience in bands such as ANALNI KARAKTER, M.A.D:GOYA and PATHOLOGICAL SPLATTER and with PORFIRIA create soundscapes that will give most Metalheads’ audio digestion a hard time, because the duo doesn’t have many connections to the very regular Doom or Death Metal.


Surely you can detect elements of both styles in the altogether 20 compositions (even though my player only shows 19 and for some reason starts with track 2), but those are enriched with many effects and at times very unexpected twists and turns, for one successfully separating the two guys from the mainstream, but at the same time also very effectively limiting their potential fan base, as they are pretty spaced out at times. And that not necessarily in terms of progressive, but by inducing parts that at least at first listen do not really fit in.


Vocally Morbid and Blaza share the vocals, varying between growls and a higher Death shriek, while the drum computer unfortunately reminds me of METALLICA’s last album in the snare sound, sounding pretty tinny. Additionally the guys also incorporate some Industrial elements, which give the songs a quite mechanical atmosphere at times. In terms of effects we get almost everything the computer has to offer, from bomb hits to church bells, which gives the album an even weirder touch.


The big exception is the very fittingly titled “This Melodic Fiction”, where we get very melodic guitars, very harmonic and flowing, quite contrary to the at times very abstract compositions of this CD, which are pretty numerous, too, with 20 tracks, of which a part does not get above the 2 minutes mark.


Altogether PORFIRIA’s debut has turned out to be a hard-to-digest album, which you definitely cannot just listen to in the background, for that it definitely is too exhausting and the not always too strong production does not exactly help either. “Funeral For Two” is one of those albums, which are suited only for a very limited listenership and I am not sure, if I am a part of it, original without a doubt… (Online June 5, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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