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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - EVERGREY - The Inner Circle

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Evergrey - The Inner Circle (10/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 48:13
Band homepage: Evergrey


  1. A Touch Of Blessing >mp3
  2. Ambassador
  3. Harmless Wishes
  4. More Than Ever >mp3
  5. Where All Good Sleep
  6. When The Walls Go Down
Evergrey - The Inner Circle

Just like fine wine, EVERGREY gets better with each album. What I like about this band the most is that the lyrics are not happy, but dark and deep rooted in reality. This has to be their most powerful and eye opening CD to date. While the story within is fiction, it could translate into reality. It deals with a weak-minded person who can't think for itself and leaves it into the hands of a religious leader who they think has all of the answers. As you dig deep into this story, you will find out that there are people being abused sexually by others and how it's covered up and how if you let others lead your life, you will crumble. Yeah, not a good feeling to have.


Tom Englund's voice is very emotional and packed with conviction. I always tear up when he sings because it not only moves mountains, but it really hits you in your heart, if you have one. The music contained within is equally powerful with Jonas' drumming that can shake the very foundation you rest your feet upon and the guitar work from both Henrik and Tom is just remarkable. The keyboards from Rikard gives the bands sound a creepy and eerie vibe, but that's a good thing. “A Touch Of Blessing“ is a real pick me upper, but it's “Ambassador“ where things get even better. There are some hints of classical arrangements along with powerful dual guitar work and there are inserts of priests talking in between this fine music. Tom’s voice is angry and ugly here, but it drives the message home. He is pissed!


“In The Wake Of The Weary“ gets only more powerful and this time he gets help from his wife Carina who has an equally powerful voice that can make a grown man cry. Not only is Tom good at singing a Power Metal tune, but also they are awesome when it comes time to hit that ballad. It's equally moving as his other stuff and then some. This track is beautiful complete with acoustic guitars and a really thick kick drum that pounds its way through the speaker. Once again, everything about this CD and band is perfect. They have the perfect blend of everything. The CD closes on a creepy note with “When The Walls Go Down.“ This is pretty much an instrumental with an orchestra and there are inserts of people talking. When you hear this, you will begin to think just how screwed up people can really be. It's not a good feeling to have.


While the band's music is dark, creepy, haunting and powerful, there is always that little bit of hope at the end. The band is not about depressing you, they just expose to you what is out there, but you can do something about it if you want to. There is always a solution to a problem and this band lets you know that. Tom and company did it once again with a cd that will make you think. Another remarkable job by this band. (Online June 5, 2004)

Joe Florez

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