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Lowlife - Love, Pain Or Vengeance (7,5/10) - Austria - 2004

Genre: Hardcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 24:36
Band homepage: Lowlife


  1. Twohundred And Twenty
  2. Downfall
  3. End Of Dreams
  4. Lost In Reality >mp3
  5. Love, Pain Or Vengeance
  6. When Emotions Die
  7. Hateplan
  8. Unbreakable >mp3
Lowlife - Love, Pain Or Vengeance

There seems to be no lack of Hardcore bands in Germany and LOWLIFE from Stuttgart can also be named as one of these acts. After eight years, two demos, two another CDs and propably hundreds of concerts, it was time to release new material. This eight tracks containing new (mini-) album of the quintet is strong and is no thing by halves. Dry Hardcore without any modern influences but Hardcore, which is very harshly.


“Twohundred And Twenty“, “End Of Dreams“ or “Hateplan” are flourishless songs within a brutally thick soundwall and exactly this directness makes LOWLIFE authentical and sympathical that you can believe their anger and hate on “Love, Pain Or Vengeance”. Slight Punk hints in “Downfall” or that almost hymnal vocalpart in “Lost In Reality” show, that LOWLIFE even take some risks and these elements suit perfectly in the whole sound and serve for more diversity. Everybody, who misses the early days of bands like BIOHAZARD or PRO-PAIN should listen to the closing track “Unbreakable”. Anyway, these 25 minutes of music serve for much entertainment.


But LOWLIFE won’t have it easy to get some new fans as the Germans can’t really stand out of their competition and it’s lacking of an own identity. But maybe, they don’t want that and they only want to offer something for the fanbase of this genre with “Love, Pain Or Vengeance”. But this is done with much skill and ambition. Those who are interested should soon check out their official homepage for this album, which is self-financed by the way. Then you can convince yourself at home. Have lots of fun with it! (Online June 5, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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