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Thoten - Beyond The Tomorrow (7,5/10) - Brazil - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 67:08
Band homepage: -


  1. Ashes In The Abyss
  2. Keeping Silence
  3. Above The Law
  4. Wicked Soul
  5. Christened By Flame
  6. Altar Of Freedom
  7. Wild Life
  8. Lady Of The Lake
  9. Open Fire
  10. Beyond The Tomorrow
  11. Scream (Bonus-Track)
Thoten - Beyond The Tomorrow
Power Metal from Brazil - in most cases a highly interesting combination, I just think of bands like VIPER, ANGRA, DARK AVENGER, ETERNA... And now also THOTEN.

No, the guys have no problems with orthography, they really are called like this, and ANGRA's Kiko Loureiro has produced their debut "Beyond The Tomorrow", so another positive factor for the give guys from South America. And another no, the folks are not another clone of HELLOWEEN and consorts, but manage to bring a quite original note into their songs, so you get more than only the standard, so much is for sure.

Some almost progressive elements are responsible for this, loosening up the power-sound and keeping the "happy"-factor nicely low. But they can just as well rock straight ahead, you won't be bored on this album, guaranteed. Also absolutely on the plus-side of the Brazilians is their singer, who also had been on the list for possible replacements of ANGRA's Andre Matos.

Overall THOTEN cleverly vary speed, heaviness and intensity within their songs, bringing some nice dynamics into their compositions, multi-layered, but always accessible, as tips I hand out "Ashes In The Abyss", "Above The Law" or also "Altar Of Freedom", oh, let's also take "Wild Life", very well crafted and the almost eleven-minute master-piece "Beyond The Tomorrow", which impressively proves to us what this band is capable of.

So not the typical Power Metal that you could expect, but far more. In combination with the very mature song-writing thumbs up for THOTEN!

Alexander Melzer

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