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Baysix - Death By Misadventure (8,5/10) - Great Britain - 2004

Genre: Hardcore
Label: Copro Records
Playing time: 29:55
Band homepage: Baysix


  1. Time To Do This Right
  2. Five On One
  3. Broke Me Not
  4. This Time
  5. Wipe Away The Scars
  6. Straight  Escape
  7. Take It Back
  8. Nine Till Five
  9. X-Marks The Spot
  10. Wasted Generation
  11. Baysix
  12. Insecurities
  13. Angel Eyes
Baysix - Death By Misadventure

Those who read my reviews regularly (thanks for that) will probably wrinkle their noses upon hearing the name Copro Records and say to themselves „Then he won't write anything negative anyways!“. Partially correct, then I have to admit I'm a fan of this label, or to say it better, I can really take pleasure in their releases and bands and because of that I'm always a bit prejudiced when it comes to a new album from Copro Records.


Nonetheless and with all the anticipation the top priority is always a semi-objective review. But one thing first, BAYSIX comply with the „rules“ of the other bands on the label without complaining and listeners will instantly enjoy them. Of course you won't get any traditional or even black metal here, others are responsible for these „departments“, what you get here is a fat share of hardcore, extended with some punk. Coming from the UK, the band manages to work with the roots of Hardcore in their songs flawlessy, without making a crash landing because of uninteresting and frumpy music. Far from it, they inject blood into the old concepts and on top of that a groovy punk infusion. That makes up for a felicitous and powerful album which with its 13 songs gets never boring.


“Death By Misadventure“ was first released 2003 on the underground label NoCo and because the album wasn't reissued anymore, Copro Records took the opportunity to re-release this timeless piece of music. You could call it a wise decision after listening to the opener “Time To Do This Right“. A fast-paced mix of old LIFE OF AGONY, SICK OF IT ALL, MADBALL or the now popular CAVE-IN, but with the skills to not be mistaken as plagiarism. BAYSIX are miles away from that, you better believe me. On “Broke Me Not“, the borders between the genres break up a bit, and there is always variation, not only on the musical level, but on the vocal as well. Catchy, but not poppy, though always ass-kicking. The next catchy tunes follow right away, and especially “Wipe Away The Scars“, “Straight Escape“, “Baysix“ or “Insecurities“ let off a lot of steam and keep the musical soup aboil. More moderate crushers like “Take it Back“ or “X Marks The Spot“ don't let anything get scorched either and show how far the horizon of this band goes. The quite compact tracks are, with two exceptions, always under three minutes and nip boredom in the bud.


“Death By Misadventure“ goes through yourself in a rush and makes clear that you can tell as much in two minutes as other bands couldn't do in five. BAYSIX can add all these amenities to their banner and I'm curious to see what the band will do on their next album. And until then, you should listen to their debut regularly and thank the four British for this awesome can of sound. I myself have already been allured by BAYSIX! (Online June 6, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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