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Bleeding Through - This Is Love, This Is Murderous (10/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Trustkill Records
Playing time: 45:04
Band homepage: Bleeding Through


  1. Love Lost In A Hail Of Gun Fire >mp3
  2. Sweet Vampirous
  3. Number Seven With A Bullet
  4. On Wings Of Lead
  5. What I Bleed Without You
  6. This Is Love, This Is Murderous
  7. City Of The Condemned
  8. Mutilation
  9. Murder By Numbers
  10. Dead Like Me
  11. Shadow Walker
  12. Revenge I Seek
Bleeding Through - This Is Love, This Is Murderous

After a short intro, BLEEDING THROUGH go on full throttle, they offer so much brutality and do it without any compromise that it’s astonishing, that only a little crowd in Europe took notice of this band until today. In America, this band belongs not only since this third album to one of the hottest recent bands, their live shows are famous and their debut album as well as the follow-up “Portrait Of The Goddess” managed it to gain a dedicated fanbase of BLEEDING THROUGH. Basically no wonder as the Hardcore specialists of Trustkill Records (MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD, WALLS OF JERICHO, HOPESFALL, POISON THE WELL, ...) signed the six musicians and they gave everything for this new masterpiece.


Besides the great packaging, the amazing brutal production of Ulrich Wild (STATIC-X, APARTMENT 26, TAPROOT, ...) is the most outstanding element of this disc. BLEEDING THROUGH knew that and created a very well-though out and relentless piece of music with “This Is Love, This Is Murderous”. They can easily compete with Thrash gods a la SLAYER, Black Metal superstars like CRADLE OF FILTH, Hardcore heavyweights a la HATEBREED, progressive Metalcore monsters like KILLSWITCH ENGAGE or GOD FORBID and the masked Iowa psychos SLIPKNOT. This is a 45 minutes lasting pure Metalcore storm with an intensity, you haven’t heard for a long time. Theatrically and suspensefully made and moreover darkened by some keyboard sounds, which are never penetrating in the foreground but only maximize the atmosphere.


Those who are looking for something entertaining but without any borders in terms of heaviness should check out BLEEDING THROUGH. They have an amount of blastbeat passages, gloomy synthie sounds, highly technical drumming, dangerous mosh parts and all other elements, every headbanger desires. Trust me, there’s no lack of variety and it’s all without any commercial pseudo behaviours. Five boys and one girl open the gates of hell with these twelve murderous tracks. “Love Lost In A Hail Of Gun Fire“ is for example such an uncompromising track, it instantly goes on full throttle until it turns a bit more melodic and gloomier in the end. An impressing performance in terms of melody combined with the brutality of a bulldozer, that’s the almost anthem-like track “On Wings Of Lead”. The title track of the new album is a good example for the stretching structure of every song.


The album has a suspenseful structure as it could stem from a movies script and the tension of the listener is always on the climax. “City Of The Condemned” is full of highspeed attacks and it’s as effective as a punch in the solar plexus of killer machine Mike Tyson. But on BLEEDING THROUGH, you can’t be count out but work further until the last bone will be broken. This goes also for the goose-flesh causing “Mutilation”, the violent “Murder By Numbers” or the speedy and only two minutes lasting “Shadow Walker”, all tracks should lead them to the Metalcore throne. “This Is Love, This Is Murderous“ is a prime example how boundlessly brutal Metal has to sound to today. And that justifies the highest rate, BLEEDING THROUGH absolutely deserve. (Online June 7, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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