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Country of origin: USA
Founded: 2000
Status: Active
Official homepage: Invidia

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Band History - Invidia (Online June 2004)


The band first started in 2000 as a side project when bassist Riyaad Edoo got together with guitarist Lukasz Gunia to form a Melodic Death Metal band, on the side of both their current Thrash Metal bands. They fooled around with riffs and arrangements, mostly playing covers. When both members left their original bands, they concentrated solely on the Melodic Death Metal band, which would be called A MADMAN'S DESIRE.


Both started writing music, which ended up being more Thrashy than Melodic Death. The two dumped the songs they've been working on and as their taste in music changed, the band would write more IN FLAMES, CHILDREN OF BODOM influenced material. The band name was changed to INVIDIA; a Latin word meaning envy, jealousy or hatred.


Another process of song writing began, when through a flyer they put up, found guitarist Michael D'Andrilli. He would become the lead guitarist for the band and a new member in the band meant a difference of opinion in music. The band went back to a thrashier sound, this time, with drummer Daniel Kurfirst. The band wrote 3 or 4 songs, trying out several vocalist. The band found singer Steven Straight, but didn't work out because of musical differences. After the band got nowhere with finding another vocalist, drummer Daniel Kurfirst left the band.


The band reviewed what they were doing and decided that the music just wasn't them anymore. They all started incorporating their other influences. INVIDIA finally found its sound and traces of CARCASS, DISSECTION, OPETH, IN FLAMES, THE HAUNTED, CHILDREN OF BODOM and VADER would be heard, among may others. The result of this was a somewhat Thrashy, Melodic Death/Black Metal band.


With this, once again, the three once again started looking for members. The band auditioned members with no luck. It was hard to find someone into the sound we had. They found drummer Kenneth Poveda, but left after a few weeks due to personal reasons.


They found singer Michael Bergin through an internet ad and asked him to join the band. The band's songwriter's, Riyaad Edoo, Michael D'Andrilli and Lukasz Gunia work on the finishing touches for several songs.


Michael Bergin writes lyrics for songs "Keeping The Faith...", "Apophosis", "Decay Of Perception" and "Rise Of The Unborn" These would be the band's first completed songs.


The band finds drummer Geoff Toelocca, but leaves after 2 weeks because of time constraints. By this time, the band tried out numerous members, but nothing felt as right as jamming with Kenneth Poveda, so the band gave him another call and he joined the band fulltime.


The line-up was once again complete. Drums were added to songs "Keeping The Faith..." and "Rise Of The Unborn". In May of 2003, the band goes to The Electric Plant Studios in Brooklyn and record their two songs live demo. The band distributes this demo and is invited to play the Redzone, in Middle Village Queens. This would be the band's first show.

INVIDIA plays another show at L'amour, opening for DYSRHYTHMIA. After the show, the band contacts
SPooNart Communications to make this website.


In August of 2003, INVIDIA opens up for DYING FETUS at L'amour.


In October of 2003, INVIDIA records "Reflection Of The Shattered Glass", a five songs demo. INVIDIA sends out the 5 songs demo, “Reflections Of The Shattered Glass” for promo and review. They open for CHILDREN OF BODOM, DIMMU BORGIR, NEVERMORE and HYPOCRISY on the 12th December, 2003. They play several local shows around NYC in 2004.

Current Line-Up:
Riyaad Edoo – Bass
Lukasz Gunia – Rhythm
Michael D’Andrilli – Lead Guitar
Kenneth Poveda – Drums & Percussion
Michael Bergin – Vocals

Previous members:
Daniel Kurfirst – Drums
Steven Straight – Vocals
Michael Bergin – Vocals
Geoff Toelocca – Drums


Reflections Of The Shattered Glass

Riyaad Edoo – Bass

Lukasz Gunia – Rhythm Guitar

Michael D’Andrilli – Lead Guitar

Kenneth Poveda – Drums & Percussion

Michael Bergin – Vocals

"The Metal Observer" Review

2004 "Reflections Of The Shattered Glass (Demo)" - Independent

Total playing time: 23:30
  1. Reflections Of The Shattered Glass >mp3
  2. Rise Of The Unborn
  3. Keeping The Faith... >mp3
  4. Apophasis
  5. Decay Of Perception >mp3


Riyaad Edoo – Bass

Lukasz Gunia – Rhythm Guitar

Michael D’Andrilli – Lead Guitar

Kenneth Poveda – Drums & Percussion

Michael Bergin – Vocals

2003 "Invidia (Demo)" - Independent

Total playing time: 9:42

  1. Rise Of The Unborn
  2. Keeping The Faith…


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