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Hellkult - The Collection (8/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Regimental Records
Playing time: 65:17
Band homepage: -


  1. From The Darkest Depths
  2. Satanic War
  3. We Crucify You Again
  4. God Is The Enemy
  5. Darkness
  6. Unholy Christian Holocaust
  7. The Summoning Of Elder Gods
  8. True Victory Of Evil
  9. Chambers Of Poisoned Sleep
  10. Satanic Warmetal
  11. Hail War
  12. Those Of Pure Heathen Blood
  13. Der Sieg Ist Unser
  14. Towards The Dawning Of A New Empire
  15. Gods Of The Storm
  16. Global Persecution
  17. Warcry
  18. Winterkrig
  19. Ancient Pagan Earth Reborn
  20. Eternal Victory
Hellkult - The Collection

From the ashes of the new defunct HELLKULT rises “The collection” (ok, so WYRD also came out of the ashes, but that’s a different story), a, well, collection of all their demos.


Comprised of twenty tracks of Heathen Black Metal, “The Collection” boasts an extremely raw production that makes the likes of DARKTHRONE et al seem like well produced pop bands. The guitars have a static-fused tone, coupled with echoing drums and hellish screeches, and at times, prominent bass, combining together for some great, raw Black Metal. Tracks like “Darkness” and “Satanic Warmetal” are prime examples of what HELLKULT can achieve, and are well worth investigating.


The only tracks that put me off on this disc are the ones that make a prominent use of a flute (maybe a recorder?) Either way, I don’t feel the desired effect wasn’t achieved on those tracks, as they mostly come off as amateurish. Such tracks are more of a rarity though, and do little to hinder the overall feeling of the disc. HELLKULT’s strengths definitely shine through when they’re at their most savage. (Online June 11, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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