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Hypnotic Face - The End Of Sanity (7,5/10) - Czech Republic - 2004

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Shark Records
Playing time: 46:02
Band homepage: Hypnotic Face


  1. The Pimp
  2. From Hell
  3. The Devil Within >mp3
  4. In This War >mp3
  5. The End Of Sanity >mp3 
  6. Nameless
  7. End On Clouds
  8. Trash
  9. Sea
  10. Mlahl
  11. Saturday
Hypnotic Face - The End Of Sanity

I am listening to this debut album “The End Of Sanity“ of the Czech Thrashers HYPNOTIC FACE the approximately fifteenth time within the last few days and on some songs, the CD even starts to spring (this is when you burn your promos by yourself, dear record label). But I can’t keep myself away from it as I love most parts of the music.


The guys play a mixture of Thrash and Speed Metal and remind mainly of bands like ANNIHILATOR, OVERKILL or MEGADETH. There are even a lot of acoustic guitars besides all Thrash riff attacks in the songs of the Czech as well as catchy melodies and some less modern sound effects. The strongest songs of the album, in my opinion, are the groovy and jaunty opener “The Pimp”, the fast “The Devil Within” and “The End Of Sanity” as well as the acoustic guitars introduced “Nameless” and the melodic “Mlahl”. The other tracks are rather average but only “Saturday” is really weak. The good songs are marked by catchy choruses and a very good and variable guitar work, which isn’t rarely reminding of Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR) or Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH). The sound of the disc isn’t always first-class but I have also listened to other Thrash Metal discs with an altogether weaker sound. You just have to push the volume a bit, then it will be alright. The sound isn’t harming the quality of the mentioned tracks.


“The End Of Sanity” is a good debut with some highlights as well as some little downpoints for the listener. But the good songs make it up for HYPNOTIC FACE and so this record could develop to something like a secret tip for Thrashers and Speed Metallers, seeking for new and interesting bands in this genre. The Czech won’t reinvent the Thrash Metal area but they add another interesting album. Worthwile to check out for you!


Check-out tips: “The Pimp”, “The Devil Within”, “The End Of Sanity”, “Nameless”... (Online June 14, 2004)

Patrick Weiler

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