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Morbid Angel - Domination (9,5/10) - USA - 1995

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Earache
Playing time: 48:44
Band homepage: Morbid Angel


  1. Dominate
  2. Where The Slime Live
  3. Eyes To See, Ears To Hear
  4. Melting
  5. Nothing But Fear
  6. Dawn Of The Angry
  7. This Means War
  8. Caesar's Palace
  9. Dreaming
  10. Inquisition (Burn With Me)
  11. Hatework
Morbid Angel - Domination
"Domination", to these ears, remains MORBID ANGEL's most consistent, involving album to date. The band's creativity has never been more efficient than it was here. Perhaps this was due to the addition of guitar wizard Erik Rutan? I don't know, but it is clear that on the songs which Rutan wrote/co-wrote, there is much more experimentation going on, particularly on the controversial closer "Hatework," which was a complete departure for the band, mixing military snare-beats with an eerie melody played on church-bells, morphing into a slow-moving sludgemonster of doom riffs. Ironically, it ended up being one of my favourite cuts on the album!

The band begins, in classic fashion, with a fast, bludgeoning opener in "Dominate", boasting a much-improved production from the rather dry sound of "Covenant". "Where The Slime Live" follows with a slower tempo, coupled with double-bass-driven halftime beat and some very dirty, chunky riffs. Silencing the concern that the band has slowed down, "Eyes To See..." absolutely annihilates everything in its path, completing perhaps M.A.'s most deadly triumvirate of opening cuts ever composed. Those first three songs alone are worthy of nine points out of the allotted ten already!

The remainder of the album keeps the intensity at a maximum, with blinding cuts "Nothing But Fear" and "Dawn Of The Angry" balancing with the more midpaced "Caesar's Palace" and "Inquisition (Burn With Me)". I know some folks want to hear nothing but speed and blast-beats from MORBID ANGEL, but I rather enjoy it when they mix it up a little. David Vincent's vocals are also in top form here, sounding even more commanding on the slower numbers.

And when "Hatework" does come, it's here that Vincent sounds like he's got iron-plated testicles (he must, being married to that GENITORTURERS-chick!). The perfect ending to an unforgettable album of Death Metal-mastery. And look! I didn't even ejaculate all over myself while writing this re-...

Great album!

Gabriel Gose

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