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Vicious Rumors - Soldiers Of The Night (10/10) - USA - 1985

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Shrapnel Records
Playing time: 38:43
Band homepage: Vicious Rumors


  1. Premonition >mp3
  2. Ride (Into The Sun)
  3. Medusa
  4. Soldiers Of The Night
  5. Murder
  6. March Or Die >mp3
  7. Blitz The World
  8. Invader (Instrumental)
  9. In Fire
  10. Domestic Bliss
  11. Blistering Winds
Vicious Rumors - Soldiers Of The Night

The first album “Soldiers Of The Night” of VICIOUS RUMORS runs in the same vein as the legendary METAL CHURCH debut. They do not offer us pure Speed Metal, but power-oozing Metal of the American school make this album just as much of an essential buy as the already mentioned METAL CHURCH. The instrumental fraction already back then had been top notch. On this album played the back then rather unknown, but later pretty popular guitarist Vinnie Moore (definitely do be checked out: the instrumental CD “Mind’s Eye”, 1987, Roadrunner Records).


But also the other members around band leader Geoff Thorpe ignite a fireworks after the other. But who cares about an album, if the songs don’t work or the vocalist is a sea gull? Luckily VICIOUS RUMORS didn’t have that problem, as they had the former HAWAII singer Gary St.Pierre behind the mic, who, in my opinion, Carl Albert or no, fits the band perfectly.


Song structures and melodies far beyond the truelala standard make the album still a true eye opener, no question. Killer tracks such as the title track with its immortal chorus, the driving “Blitz The World“, the not less catchy, fast “Ride (Into The Sun)“ or the dark, slow “Domestic Bliss“ have to be heard to understand, why the 80s for many maniacs have been the non plus ultra. Every song refreshes the Metallers’ soul like a sip of water the parching, therefore 10 points. (Online June 16, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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