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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - SUFFOCATION - Breeding The Spawn

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Suffocation - Breeding The Spawn (6/10) - USA - 1992

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 35:58
Band homepage: Suffocation


  1. Beginning Of Sorrow
  2. Breeding The Spawn
  3. Epitaph Of The Credulous
  4. Marital Decimation
  5. Prelude To Repulsion
  6. Anomalistic Offerings
  7. Ornaments Of Decrepancy
  8. Ignorant Deprivation
Suffocation - Breeding The Spawn
This remains the lone "bad apple" in SUFFOCATION's discography, at least in the eyes of most fans and critics. Some see it as a total failure, which I disagree with. I think "Breeding the Spawn" shows some brilliant musical ideas coming from Doug Cerrito and Terrance Hobbs, with some of their most technical riffs to date. However, I do agree that this is by far SUFFOCATION's weakest album, for a number of reasons that are quite obvious.

Nearly every aspect of this album's downfall can be directly attributed to the production-job...absolutely wretched! The guitar solos sound as if they were miked from the next building. The drums are flat, with zero presence from the bass drums and tom-toms. In fact, every note of this album is muddy and poorly-recorded, not to mention the dull mixing/mastering-job, leaving just about every important frequency out of the mix, drowning it in a bottomless swamp of mids. No need to adjust one's subwoofer, it's THAT bad. Whoever Paul Bagin is, it's no wonder that I haven't heard anything about him producing any other Death Metal-albums (no need to enlighten me either) (I've taken a look around and all I could find were Jazz-albums… - Alex)

A few small moments of sublimity come through on some of Chris Richards' awesome bass-lines, as in "Epitaph Of The Credulous" and "Prelude To Repulsion," where the guitars are actually overtaken at times by the bass, which sounds kind of cool, almost funky (?). "Anomalistic Offerings" contains, perhaps, some of the best riffs Terrance Hobbs ever penned; technical and note-laden as hell! Classic SUFFOCATION for sure, but no amount of killer-riffs can compensate for the downright shitty sound of this album.

Frank Mullen is also at his absolute WORST here. Completely indiscernible, grunty, and muddier than whale shit. Actually, he could be TAKING a shit, I wouldn't know the difference. Other than that, and the ridiculous production, this album is somewhat decent. I do like it, and still listen to it on occasion. Just SUFFOCATION doing what they do best, but I think they realized with this album the importance of having at least a half-decent production, and would thankfully remedy this on "Pierced From Within".

A rather "optional" purchase I would say...

Gabriel Gose

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