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Blut Aus Nord - The Work Which Transforms God (9,5/10) - France - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 51:42
Band homepage: Blut Aus Nord


  1. End
  2. The Choir Of The Dead
  3. Axis >mp3
  4. The Fall
  5. Metamorphosis
  6. The Supreme Abstract
  7. Our Blessed Frozen Cells
  8. Devilish Essence
  9. The Howling Of God
  10. Inner Mental Cage >mp3
  11. Density
  12. Procession Of The Dead Clowns
Blut Aus Nord - The Work Which Transforms God

One of the vibrant jewels of the French Black Metal scene, BLUT AUS NORD is like a horrific, turbulent nightmare.


BLUT AUS NORD is a master at creating hypnotic and terrifying atmosphere that will strike into you to the core. Be it through the minimalist ambient of tracks like “End”, “The Fall“ and “Devilish Essence”, which act as the proverbial ‘eye of the storm’, as eerily calm yet enigmatic and daunting pieces that will have you second guess just how safe you actually are, or through the alarming Black Metal that, while not nearly as savage as many bands, can be much more chaotic. The vocals alternate from the usual Black Metal screech to an absolutely menacing growl, like that found on “Axis”.


The disharmonic melodies coupled with the speed and atmosphere of the disc will have you feel as though you’re reeling while listening to it. BLUT AUS NORD is so successful at what they do for several reasons. The first is that this is clearly more than just music, but instead through their music they have created another world. While listening, however, you are not viewing their world; you become a part of it.


Highly recommended, especially with a good pair of headphones on a dark dreary night. (Online June 17, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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