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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - THROES OF DAWN - Quicksilver Clouds

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Throes Of Dawn - Quicksilver Clouds (7,5/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Dark Metal
Label: Wounded Love
Playing time: 47:16
Band homepage: Throes Of Dawn


  1. Vertigo >mp3
  2. Hollow Reflection
  3. Transcendence
  4. Black Carbon Snow >mp3
  5. Quicksilver Clouds
  6. Hyperion
  7. The Destroying Angel >mp3
  8. Halo Of Flies
  9. Ophelia
Throes Of Dawn - Quicksilver Clouds

Wow, it’s already been six years that I had my first (and at the same time last) contact with THROES OF DAWN, back then with their second album “Dreams Of The Black Earth”. If I remember correctly, it had been pretty melodic and also atmospheric Black Metal, enriched with some clear vocal passages and less heavy than the usual Black metal, hm, so had it been Black Metal still after all? Well, vocally most probably…


Anyways, doesn’t matter as we have reached the fourth album by now, titled “Quicksilver Clouds“, and they really went all out for this one. With Juha Ylikoski (ROTTEN SOUND), Harri Huhtala (CARTILAGE and VOMITURITION) and drummer Jani Martikkala (…AND OCEANS and ENOCHIAN CRESCENT) the two main men Henri Koivula and Jani Heinola have assembled a really good band around them, for the recordings they bunked up in Helsinki’s Sonic Pump Studios and enlisted Tero Kostermaa as engineer. So the ground was set.


And the five gentlemen have a pretty original sound, which sounds excellently on the opener “Vertigo” already, using elements that at times remind me a bit of middle era TIAMAT, with dark vocals, which have a certain rough touch, but without turning into growls, also truly outstanding fully clear vocals (as in the chorus), some keyboards (partly as piano) and an altogether doomy rhythm.


That THROES OF DAWN also master other stuff is shown by the following “Hollow Reflection“, where Mr Koivula adds a harsher voice, which contains the Black Metal past. The song also is a good bit faster, with the guitars once more are used more as rhythm instrument, the leads, so to say, are taken over by the keyboards of master Heinola, so that despite the voice the music never gets too heavy. Melodic and atmospheric, though, the composition stays throughout its entire length.


This mix also is kept up in the remaining song, with different emphasis, of course, where I prefer Henri’s clear voice by far. But what is great throughout are the brilliant atmospheres and melodies that THROES OF DAWN create here on “Quicksilver Clouds“ “Hyperion“ should be mentioned as example, as it combines basically everything the Finns stand for in 2004, as well as “The Destroying Angel” excellently combines the two extremes of the title, with aggression as well as dreamy melodies.


An album that is not suited for all listeners, but altogether has a beauty that just captures you and won’t let you go for a while… (Online June 18, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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