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Accept - Metal Heart (8,5/10) - Germany - 1985

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: BMG
Playing time: 39:56
Band homepage: -


  1. Metal Heart
  2. Midnight Mover
  3. Up To The Limit
  4. Wrong Is Right
  5. Screaming For A Love-Bite
  6. Too High To Get It Right
  7. Dogs On Leads
  8. Teach Us To Survive
  9. Living For Tonite
  10. Bound To Fail
Accept - Metal Heart

ACCEPT, “Metal Heart“, the song, the album, the legend!? OK, almost everybody will know the title song with its classical elements. The older generation, because it’s essential, the younger generation at least from stories and the extreme Metal fraction through the DIMMU BORGIR cover version. But you have to KNOW the song in any case!!!


Sure, the rest of the songs are anything but filling material, no question. The problem with it, though, is that the songs are pretty close to each other and the same effect as with “Metal Heart” won’t reoccur. Still there are some pearls amongst them, such as “Too High To Get It Right“, where Udo screams, moans, cries and shouts like a Black Metaller during an exorcism, the mighty stomper “Living For Tonite“, with cool Wolf Hoffmann solos, the riff rocker “Bound To Fail“, “Midnight Mover”, started by damn catchy riff volleys and a hymnic chorus or the lightly AC/DC-like “Up To The Limit”, which won’t let the enthusiasm go down.


The compository density of the predecessor “Balls To The Wall“ is not reached though, but still, a good album it definitely is. Should you have in any way. (Online June 18, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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