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Ancient - Night Visit (9/10) - Norway - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 49:48
Band homepage: Ancient


  1. Envision The Beast
  2. Rape The Children Of Abel
  3. Horroble
  4. Night Visit
  5. Lycanthropy
  6. Night Of The Stygian Souls
  7. Fuel The Flames
  8. The Truth Unveiled
  9. Bonus Tracks
  10. The Arctic Mirage
  11. Out In The Haunted Woods
Ancient - Night Visit

Two and a half years after “Proxima Centauri”, we finally get “Night Visit”. It seems that the band took advantage from this time to realize this really impressive disc... “Night Visit” is totally killing and offers us modern Black Metal, which is rooted in Old School on the one side but still modern enough to spirit off all purists on the other side. The keyword is: ATMOSPHERE! It’s undeniable there and makes this disc to an entertaining experience for all appreciators of the Black arts.


ANCIENT have matured, soundwise as well as concerning their song writing – they never sounded better. I’m even claiming that I consider “Night Visit” to be as great as the band classics “The Cainian Chronicle” or “Trolltaar”... the Norwegians were never more creative. The songs are all handy and very crushing – without to end in chaos. In contrary, there are many nuances to listen to as well as many acoustic parts... ANCIENT have a lot of bombast to offer and the murderous production from the Studio Fredman supports that, too.


I haven’t heard a better Black Metal CD this year. It’s an unexpected record to me as I considered their last two records „Halls Of Eternity“ and „Proxima Centauri“ quite averaged – but this here is absolutely great! (Online June 18, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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