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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - TALES OF DARK - U Kori Tame

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Tales Of Dark - U Kori Tame (6/10) - Serbia - 2003

Genre: Death Metal / Doom Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 26:21
Band homepage: Tales Of Dark


  1. Forever
  2. U Kori Tame
  3. Prophecy
  4. Epilogue: Eve Of Faithloss
Tales Of Dark - U Kori Tame

Novi Sad's seems to be a stronghold of Serbian Metal, because after PORFIRIA and DARK CARNIVAL I already have the third band from this town in a pretty short time: TALES OF DARK. They, too, play Doom/Death Metal and the 4 tracker “U Kori Tame” is the first release of this band that has grown to seven members by now.


“U Kori Tame“, as said, contains four tracks, but is not just a short appetizer, because the Serbs have pretty opulent playing times per song, which results in a playing time of more than 26 minutes. Three of the songs are English, while one, the title track is in their native tongue, always interesting to hear.


Opener “Forever“ starts genre typical slow with some female vocals. Then we get an organ, still with a sluggish rhythm, which have a certain “Phantom Of The Opera” feeling, especially in the melodies, followed by further female vocals by Borka Medic, which is no longer part of the band, which unfortunately sound a bit thin and could take some more power. Then, when Arpad Takac joins in with his deep growl, strangely enough Borka sounds more powerful, too, just the whole song suffers a bit from the muddy production, which does not leave much room for details. Still TALES OF DARK manage to keep the flow pretty well throughout the 10 minutes.


The Serbian title track starts out with acoustic guitars, some keyboards and narratory vocals, which are supported in the background by Borka’s voice. The vocal interplay also is continued in the rest of the song, narratory and ethereal, musically more Doom Metal again, with additional acoustic guitars and keyboards, here they definitely tell a story, which also uses the music as an instrument, as you notice when after five and a half minutes everything suddenly erupts fast and heavy for a short time.


“Prophecy“ alternates between pretty fast and rather slow passages, again with dual vocals, once again I do not really like the female vocals, the song is not bad by all, but it lacks something that makes it stand out. And the closing “Epilogue: Eve Of Faithloss“ is just a two minute outro with piano and spoken vocals and some well placed samples.


For a first release “U Kori Tame“ is not bad, with the line-up changes I hope that they also vocally (in the female section) improved and the new material is said to be more Doomy, what should fit well. Not bad, but let’s wait and see, how they will develop. (Online June 19, 2004

Alexander Melzer

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