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Heir Apparent - Graceful Inheritance (10/10) - USA - 1986

Genre: US-Metal
Label: Black Dragon
Playing time: 46:17
Band homepage: Heir Apparent


  1. Entrance
  2. Another Candle >mp3
  3. The Servant
  4. Tear Down The Walls >mp3
  5. Running From The Thunder
  6. The Cloak
  7. R.I.P.
  8. Hands Of Destiny >mp3
  9. Keeper Of The Reign
  10. Dragon's Lair
  11. Masters Of Invasion
  12. Nightmare
  13. And...Dogro Lived On
Heir Apparent - Graceful Inheritance

This band was founded in 1984 in Seattle and recorded a 5 track demo with the line-up, consisting of Terry Gorle (g), Paul Davidson (v), Derek Peace (bs) and Jim Kovach (dr) and it received great reviews everywhere, e.g. in the Rock Hard magazine. The band did a tour within Washington with CULPRIT, received further good critics and the French label Black Dragon took notice of them and signed HEIR APPARENT. Short before the recordings of the long awaited first LP, Raymond Black joined the band as new drummer and then, they could finally begin with the work.


In 1986, they finally released “Graceful Inheritance” and I read my first 10 points rated review in the Rock Hard magazine... they awarded it three times with the highest rating of 10 points and two times with 9,5, so I had to go to the next store and I immediately bought one copy of this exceptional record. What do I have to say, they recorded some of the best Metal songs ever on “Graceful Inheritance”! This begins with the completely fantastic “Another Candle”, which is introduced by the intro “Entrance”. What a song. Paul Davidson shines with his clear, mid pitched voice and they have melodies, which drive you crazy. Has something from QUEENSRYCHE’s “The Warning” period. To list all songs would be like carrying owls to Kirchanschöring. So, I also just want to mention “The Servant”, a song, which contains everything, US Metal stands for. And of course, I have to name the absolute highlight “Keeper Of The Reign”!


This is a song, you can write only once in your lifetime: it’s slowly introduced and increases in heaviness and falls back to balladesque tones with majestic easiness (just listen to these choirs, just undying!!!) until it gets heavier once again – I.N.G.E.N.I.O.U.S. The same ingenious are also “Dragon’s Lair” and “Masters Of Invasion”. A feast for everyone, who wants to understand, why Metal had been that exceptional in the 80s – this disc is probably the best example for it.


HEIR APPARENT created one of the best Metal albums ever. Especially the amazing riffs and solos of Terry Gorle, which always serve for the necessary heaviness and go perfectly together with the melodic singing, are power and aggression in perfect combination!!!


HEIR APPARENT – the successors to the throne... that’s my opinion! (Online 20. Juni 2004)

Ralf Henn

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