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Country of origin: Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Founded: 1998
Status: Active
Official homepage: Fuck The Facts

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Band History - Fuck The Facts (Online June 2004)

Fuck The Facts

FUCK THE FACTS first started taking shape in 1998 as a recording project of Topon Das. Many early recordings were made and released through various DIY labels.


In early 2000, the first full length was recorded; "Discoing The Dead" (Black Hole Productions), as well as a track for the "Worldwide Violence" 7-inch compilation (Zas! Autoprod).


Soon after, local drummer Matt Connell joined Topon and the two together decided to make FTF a full band enlisted the talents of Tim Audette (guitar), Brent Christoff (vocals) and Shomir Das (bass). Within just weeks Shomir quit and the band would never see another bass player. 


The 4-four piece soon started playing shows regularly within Ontario and Quebec and in the fall of 2001, the band entered the studio to record for a split 7-inch with Italian grind band KASTRAT FOR ZAS! Autoprod/Nuclear Assualt Recs. Following the recording FTF parted ways with Brent. He was soon replaced by Mel Mongeon. 


With the new line-up, the band then entered the studio to record the song "The Burning Side" for the "Goreland" CD compilation (Black Hole Productions). This was followed shortly by a Canadian tour in the summer of 2002. 


Upon return FTF recorded for a split 7" with Sylvester Staline on ANVIL Of Fury Records, which also included a cover of DEATH's "Empty Words" for a DEATH Tribute CD on Mondongo Canibale Recs. 


In December 2002, FTF embarked on an east coast Canadian tour.  Following this they re-entered the studio to finish up recording of their full length CD; "Backstabber Etiquette", which came out on Grind It! Records.


After a small tour of east coast Canada in June 2003, Tim parted ways with the band. 


The band continued on as a three piece, recording for a still unreleased split CD w/FEEBLE MINDED on Grodhaisn Records and then embarking on a US/Canada tour in August 2003.


The band is currently back in the studio working on new material for an upcoming split MCD w/SERGENT SLAUGHTER.

Current Line-Up:
Topon Das – Guitar
Mel Mongeon – Vocals
Dave Menard – Guitar
Tim Olsen – Drums
Marc-Andre Mongeon – Bass

Previous members:
Matt Connell – Drums (on “Backstabber Etiquette”)
Tim Audette – Guitar (on “Backstabber Etiquette”)
Brent Christoff – Vocals
Shomir Das – Bass


Stigmata High-Five

Topon Das – Guitar

Mel Mongeon – Vocals

Matt Connell – Drums

Tim Audette – Guitar

"The Metal Observer" Review

2006 "Stigmata High-Five" - Relapse

Total playing time: 33:57

  1. La Derniere Image
  2. The Wrecking >mp3
  3. Carve Your Heart Out >mp3
  4. Taken From The Nest
  5. What’s Left Behind
  6. The Sound Of Your Smashed Head
  7. Dead In The Ruins Of Your Own City

Backstabber Etiquette

Topon Das – Guitar

Mel Mongeon – Vocals

Matt Connell – Drums

Tim Audette – Guitar

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Backstabber Etiquette" - Grind It! Records

Total playing time: 69:02

  1. Second Hand Skin
  2. Ballet Addict
  3. A Few Words For The End
  4. N.S.S.T.S.
  5. Si-z'H
  6. Lying Through Your Teeth
  7. Living A Lie
  8. Greed Whore
  9. Smokin' A Fatty
  10. The Burning Side
  11. 23-17-41

Discoing The Dead

Topon Das – All

2000 "Discoing The Dead" - Black Hole Productions

Total playing time: 30:00

  1. Ninja Sweater
  2. Proud To Be A Canadian
  3. Disco Rage
  4. Wake Up Call
  5. Whisper Dependancy
  6. Rattlesnake
  7. The Burning Side
  8. 123-223
  9. Appliance Jam Session
  10. Perpetrator
  11. Ninja Sweater (Demo Version)

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