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High Tension - Under Tension (8,5/10) - Germany - 1988

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Hot Blood Records
Playing time: 48:12
Band homepage: -


  1. Wind Me Up
  2. Shake Off The Hunter
  3. Rock'n'Roll Rebel
  4. Burning Heart
  5. Work Hard, Die Young
  6. Rock Down
  7. Stay The Night
  8. Lady
  9. Hot Legs
  10. Warrior
  11. Get Ready For Love
High Tension - Under Tension

September 19th 2003. A day out of the code. The criminal code. The author of these lines sits at home with a very unhealthy mix of feelings. Hate, ire, self pity and depressions follow each other. One cigarette after the other wastes the lung – shit on it, the world shits on me as well.


One beer after the other torments the liver, shit on it, the world – same old situation! Before I go nuts completely, let’s put in a CD and off we go. Bang and sing, the ultimate thing to do right now. And the right lightning conductor is quickly found with “Under Tension” by German Metallers HIGH TENSION. Music that gets to the point, is heavy, but still not dumb.


Kind of a mix between JUDAS PRIEST’s “British Steel” and ACCEPT’s “Breaker” with some AC/DC quotes. The album whips out from start until end (no ballads) and there neither are any fillers. From the super fast opener “Wind Me Up“ over the damn heavy mid tempo arse kicker “Rock’n’Roll Rebel“ up to the slow, almost sluggish and almighty “Burning Heart” we get best 80s Metal onto the ears.


The singer is not the total revolution, but fit the music like the arse on the bucket. Somewhere between the fronters of STEELER and GRAVESTON”. The album was/is totally underrated, definitely!!! (Online June 21, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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