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Van Halen - 5150 (8/10) - USA - 1986

Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label: Warner Bros.
Playing time: 42:09
Band homepage: Van Halen


  1. Good Enough
  2. Why Can’t This Be Love
  3. Get Up
  4. Dreams
  5. Summer Nights
  6. Best Of Both Worlds
  7. Love Walks In
  8. 5150
  9. Inside
Van Halen - 5150

The first CD that VAN HALEN has with the brand new singer is “5150”. Sammy Hagar, previous singer for MONTROSE adds his own flavour to the music that VAN HALEN has become known for. Now I must admit that I am not a part of the many “anti Sammy” people. I think he has added yet another dimension to the almost predictable becoming VAN HALEN camp.


Songs that seem to top the list on this CD for me are “Good Enough”, “Dreams”, “Best Of Both Worlds” and “Love Walks In”.


Sammy gives them the chance to explore a new area of music incorporating more piano, keyboards and effects on the guitars to add a new flavour. I find that this album is more musical than the other in a respect that it is written more for the music than it was written for the guitar solo. However, don’t get me wrong, there are songs like “Get Up” that completely kick ass in case we need reminding that “Hot For Teacher” wasn’t a one-off song.


If you are open to change (are there any people open to change anymore?) check this CD out. It isn’t VAN HALEN like you’re accustomed to but it still kicks ass. (Online June 24, 2004)

Charles McLachlan

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