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Iron Savior - Battering Ram (8,5/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 47:52
Band homepage: Iron Savior


  1. Battering Ram
  2. Stand Against The King
  3. Tyranny Of Steel
  4. Time Will Tell >mp3
  5. Wings Of Deliverance
  6. Break The Curse
  7. Riding Free
  8. Starchaser
  9. Machine World
  10. H.M Powered Man
Iron Savior - Battering Ram

To really introduce IRON SAVIOR would be kind of a waste of words as the guys around Piet Sielck release good albums for several years now. From the original line up we only have Piet himself left, no Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY) or Thomen Stauch (BLIND GUARDIAN) anymore, but Piet has proved that he does not need big names around him, but has a good hand for well fitting musicians.


Two years after the really strong “Condition Red” we now have “Battering Ram“ and honestly, who really expects big style corrections should better get checked, because the Hamburgers have found their style and it stands with both feet squarely between the traditional German Power Metal and the British steel of the JUDAS PRIEST kind (older JUDAS PRIEST!) and all of that with a giant sound, so powerful that it will give you a completely new hairdo.


Compared with „Condition Red“ the have added quite a bit of heaviness, the guitars are fatter than ever before and full throttle double bass breakers alternate with driving mid-tempo, plus the rough/melodic voice of Piet, which in my opinion fits perfectly, plus the usual big choirs, which IRON SAVIOR already had featured ever since their debut, so business as usual? More or less yes, just that the quality once more is there, so from my standpoint no complaints, I just love this sound!


The title track breaks through with a ton of power and the big chorus, followed by the fast, double-bass driven “Stand Against The King“, an opening duo that can measure up to almost everyone out there. After that we get fast breakers and mid-paced stompers, nothing truly outstanding, but still absolute quality stuff until at first “Wings Of Deliverance“ surprises with a more melodic chorus and then a great twin lead solo, “Riding Free” sets full force ahead, fast, melodic and with a giant chorus, just like the powerful stomper “Starchaser” right after.


I also definitely have to mention the closing “H.M. Powered Man“, stomping, the full cliché, but great, with a chorus that combines what we all think: “I’m in a Heavy Metal powered world, that’s how it should be, I have a Heavy Metal powered mind, I don’t need conformity, No one tells me what to do, what to think or be, I am a Heavy Metal powered man, right that’s what I am!” Or not?


In any way, “Battering Ram” definitely stands in the tradition of the past albums, just with a bit more power. Let’s cut this short: Did you like IRON SAVIOR so far? Yes = Buy it. No = Leave it. Don’t know = Check it out! (Online June 25, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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