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Callenish Circle - Flesh_Power_Dominion (9/10) - Netherlands - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 52:27
Band homepage: Callenish Circle


  1. Obey Me...
  2. For What It's Good For
  3. Witness Your Own Oblivion
  4. Take Me Along
  5. Bleeding
  6. Your Final Swansong
  7. Suffer My Disbelief
  8. They Have Chosen
  9. ...
  10. Pull The Plug (Death-cover)
  11. When The Lady Smiles (Golden Earring-cover)
Callenish Circle - Flesh_Power_Dominion
The last album "Graceful...Yet Forbidding" is not old yet and the folks around Patrick Savelkoul are back already with their latest effort "Flesh_Power_Dominion".

Musically they have taken a far more Death Metal-approach, as the very crisp opener "Obey Me..." proves impressively. One of the leading Gothenburg-bands in their stylistically more conservative days could not have made this song any better, rhythmically a bit thrashy, melodic, variably arranged, a very good start for the album that is covered by another very good artwork by DARK TRANQUILLITY-stringer Niklas Sundin.

And they remain in this style, the grade of heaviness and Death Metal has been raised considerably, but without neglecting variety or melodies, that they can do more than just this is shown with the very melodic (but still heavy) "Your Final Swansong", which forms a formidable contrast to the otherwise damn heavy attacks around it.

As bonus-tracks we get two more tracks, which are of special interest, two cover-versions, namely "Pull The Plug" by DEATH and "When The Lady Smiles" by their Dutch countrymen of GOLDEN EARRING, a crass contrast in choice, but both delivered excellently, respect, Gentlemen!

Packed into a really powerful production (Andy Classen was the one who) CALLENISH CIRCLE have created a classic Melodic Death Metal-album in 2002 as you can find only rarely today! Heavy, gripping, melodic, variable, both thumbs up!

Alexander Melzer

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