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Van Halen - Fair Warning (8/10) - USA - 1981

Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label: Warner Bros.
Playing time: 29:38
Band homepage: Van Halen


  1. Mean Street >mp3
  2. "Dirty Movies"
  3. Sinner's Swing!
  4. Hear About It Later
  5. Unchained >mp3
  6. Push Comes To Shove
  7. So This Is Love? >mp3
  8. Sunday Afternoon In the Park
  9. One Foot Out The Door
Van Halen - Fair Warning

Every year a new CD comes out and Van HALEN proves to us that Eddie is considered the best for a reason.


This CD of course comes with songs such as “Mean Street”, “Unchained”, “So This Is Love” and “Sinner’s Swing”. I think the song “Unchained” has become a staple for every guitar player’s repertoire.


From beginning to end this is a great CD. Eddie has some great spotlights throughout it on songs like “Push Comes To Shove”


What can I say? It’s VAN HALEN?!? Buy the CD if you haven’t already and listen to how one of the greatest bands in music today and yesterday did it!! (Online June 26, 2004)

Charles McLachlan

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