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Van Halen - OU812 (8/10) - USA - 1988

Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label: Warner Bros.
Playing time: 50:10
Band homepage: Van Halen


  1. Mine All Mine
  2. When It’s Love
  3. A.F.U (Naturally Wired)
  4. Cabo Wabo
  5. Source Of Infection
  6. Feels So Good
  7. Finish What Ya Started
  8. Black And Blue
  9. Sucker In A 3 Piece
  10. A Apolitical Blues
Van Halen - OU812

This is a decent follow up to the “5150” CD. Sammy, Eddie, Alex and Anthony start to show their musical side with strong songs with strong lyrics. They have accomplished placing themselves on the top of the heap as the partying and best playing, now they have accomplished the same with the song writing ability.


“When It’s Love” was the big hit from this album and rocketed them to the top ten on all charts. “Source Of Infection” has some of the best guitar playing I’ve heard Eddie perform in a while.


Definitely a great listen, solid harmony’s on the vocals. If you have listened to something that turned you off of Sammy, give this CD a try, it may surprise you. (Online June 27, 2004)

Charles McLachlan

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