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Cadaver - Necrosis (8/10) - Norway - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Candlelight Records
Playing time: 34:52
Band homepage: Cadaver


  1. Necro As Fuck
  2. Decomposed Metal Skin
  3. Evil Is Done
  4. Odium
  5. Awakening
  6. Goat Father
  7. Unholy Death
  8. The Etching Cleanser
  9. Heartworm
Cadaver - Necrosis

Yeeeaaah! When I received this CD, I just thought: ďoh, no, damn PEEP, what is this? Itís always the same boring and weak Death thrashingĒ because I had made some own experiences. But I was really wrong.


This is Death, how I like it, the guys of CADAVER even supported MORBID ANGEL and I have to say, that they remind me very much of the Death Metal legends from Tampa. The sound is brilliant, the songs catchy but not primitive, the vocals are no difficult to understand gruntings but clear growls, so you can really understand some parts of the lyrics. The chord section isnít merciless detuned but has a rather normal tone, which fits to my flavour.


But real aggression comes not out of weak guitars but out of the music. Well, you realize that I really like this band and thereís nothing really bad. Of course, you canít expect that much innovation, thereís nothing, you havenít heard before as Death fan but to be honest: innovation is for losers.


So we walk on already known paths but we walk fast and well. The guys founded in 1998 and they play their instruments extremely good, especially the drummer with his blastbeats has to be mentioned. Some tracks on this album are that extremely fast, this should also impress some die-hard Highspeed Death Metallers.


Well, thereís no need to say much more, so here my conclusion: if you like MORBID ANGEL and you are never tired of new material, this is a solid record with 35 minutes of finest Death Metal. You canít do something wrong. (Online June 28, 2004)


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