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Astarte - Sirens (7/10) - Greece - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Avantgarde Music
Playing time: 45:09
Band homepage: Astarte


  1. Dark Infected Circles (Outbreak) >mp3
  2. Black Mighty Gods
  3. Lloth
  4. Bitterness Of Mortality (MecomaN) (Featuring Nicholas S.I.C. Maiis)
  5. Deviate
  6. Oceanus Procellarum (Liquid Tomb) (Featuring Sakis)
  7. The Ring (Of Sorrow) (Featuring Shagrath)
  8. Twist, Nail, Torture
  9. Sirens
  10. Underwater Persephone
Astarte - Sirens

Here we have something that really deserves one or two points more for its rareness. This is Black Metal (at least to some extent Black Metal) and the band consists entirely of women. This is the only complete women BM band, Iíve ever heard and I havenít also found one when I searched for it.


Okay, they are really beautiful, I have to say when you are interested and Iím sure, there are many who are interested. I can already hear the question concerning the vocals and the question ďcan a woman sing Blackish? The answer is: she can. I have to admit that you donít recognize it as female vocals in many parts of the album, her vocals could be easily stand on other Black Metal releases, too.


But I miss something on this record, itís hate or coldness or whatever. Itís rightly this element, which makes Black Metal to Black Metal. So, itís hard to describe this furthermore as Black Metal but I still try to find something in the music and there are songs, you canít say something against. But Iím sorry to say that, I hope, that Iím affronting too much. If you like Power Metal, a bit Doom a la MY DYING BRIDE and some New School BM (or what else the description for non Old School Black Metal is), you will find something with this one.


Itís partly rather melancholic and atmospheric as cold and hateful and thatís not really fitting. But you can easily listen to their music. SirensĒ, ďLlothĒ and the instrumental ďUnderwater PersephoneĒ are all good ballads, the other songs are rather averaged thrashing with screams and you canít really maintain that this would be something extraordinary.


All in all I have to say, that this is really no dark Black Metal album but itís surely interesting for some people. So, I just can recommend it for mentioned people. (Online June 28, 2004)


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