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Gorgoroth - Incipit Satan (5/10) - Norway - 2000

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 36:48
Band homepage: Gorgoroth


  1. Incipit Satan >mp3
  2. A World To Win
  3. Litani Til Satan
  4. Unchain My Heart!!! >mp3
  5. An Excerpt Of X
  6. Ein Eim Av Blod Og Helvetesild
  7. Will To Power
  8. When Love Rages Wild In My Heart
Gorgoroth - Incipit Satan

To say that GORGOROTH’s “Incipit Satan” album is an unequal release would be an understatement to say the least. First you have the title track of the album that comes blasting through your ears with all the raw sounding heaviness you might expect from a “true Norwegian Black Metal” band. This is definitely the best track of the album everything here is Black Metal proficiency with the instruments and you can really appreciate Gaahl’s vocal, one of the best in Black Metal.


Following this you get another great song “A World To Win” which is a bit more melodic than the previous one but still a great song. Then it goes down, you get the first filler or crap song depending on how you want to look at it… “Litani Til Satan” has not much to offer it’s slow, there isn’t any variation in the song and the vocals made me think of RAMMSTEIN which is a BIG MISTAKE when you’re playing Black Metal!!! You might expect that the album will go back to heavier pounding after the fourth track but then again “An Excerpt Of X” brings the rhythm down once more and even though it’s better than “Litani Til Satan” it’s a bit redundant.


Track 6 is produced in such a way that you don’t hear much and it sounds discordant with the other tracks. “Will To Power” is a 4:28 of pure waste of time, it’s just atmospheric sounds and you’ll want to skip that one not to waste your CD player batteries. The final track is very good and if you can forget about the ridiculous title and the clean vocal you’ll be able to enjoy a good song.


The fact that I was able to plug in the Pop band RAMMSTEIN for a comparison in a GORGOROTH review should scare the hell out of you all, but the fact is this is just not a great release. In all you get 8 tracks and only 4 really good ones the others go from average to pure waste of time. The artwork is alright but I would of preferred the lyrics instead of the cheesy pictures. In all 5/10. (Online June 28, 2004)


Guest reviewer Olivier Saindon

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