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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - TEMPLE, THE - Diesel Dog Sound

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Temple, The - Diesel Dog Sound (7,5/10) - Portugal - 2004

Genre: Crossover
Label: Copro Records
Playing time: 43:29
Band homepage: Temple, The


  1. Millionaire
  2. Baby Hate
  3. 22 Belzebu
  4. DDS
  5. Fightbull
  6. Bankrupt
  7. 1 Min. And Life
  8. Paper Chains
  9. Drum
  10. Devil’s Lover
  11. The Snake
  12. Falling
  13. Ticket Please
  14. Soul Tattoo
Temple, The - Diesel Dog Sound

Yet another band I never heard of that surprises me with an original approach and frisky attitude. Portugal’s THE TEMPLE are aiming for an international profile being a dedicated band with ambition and strong passion for their music, after listening to “Diesel Dog Sound” I’d say they’re halfway there. Seriously, these guys could end up being Europe’s answer to SYSTEM OF A DOWN.


The music is mainly formed by loud Hardcore/Punk tempos, groovy Rock basics and a final mix of Nu Metal commercialism and Thrash heaviness, a heavy yet accessible crossover if you ask me. Experimental conceptions are also a part of the game, nothing provoking mind you, just a few effects on the guitars, accordions (only featured on “Falling”), some acoustic moments, but it seems they’re more comfortable in getting the raw aggression out of their system.


The content of this album is varied though firmly based in a heavy and “fuck off” type of sound. “Millionaire” briefly shows what the band sounds like (more or less), punky and heavy with a scent of Nu-Metal in the chorus. “Baby Hate” is even more hooky with memorable melodies, the whole song is basically meant to be on any top twenty list somewhere around the globe.


“DDS”, “1 Min. And Life” and “Drum” are short outbursts of Noise/Punk/Hardcore music that are less memorable, for fans of CARNIVORE or those who love a mosh pit on any given occasion, that excludes me. Other songs that don’t really grab me are “Fightbull” and “Bankrupt”.


João Luís has a suiting voice for the angry music, a nice clean tone for the hit choruses as well, however he does sound weak and unfocused in between. On “Devil’s Lover” (check that dissonant lead melody) Luís is accompanied by none other than MOONSPELL’s Fernando Ribeiro; they’re really fighting each other for the spotlight though it’s clear that Ribeiro has more power and experience, an interesting duet.

I like the sound, the aggressive qualities of Punk mixed with the dirty and boozed rawness of Rock music, not far away from ENTOMBED’s sound on “Uprising”.


Strange, I don’t usually listen to this kind of music but “Diesel Dog Sound” is well worth buying if you like to hear a heavier version of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, BLINK 182, SUM 41, just don’t expect a stereotyped product. (Online July 1, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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