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Deeds Of Flesh - Mark Of The Legion (7/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unique Leader Records
Playing time: 41:41
Band homepage: Deeds Of Flesh


  1. Cleansed By Fire
  2. An Eternity Of Feasting And Brawling
  3. Mark Of The Legion
  4. Spewing Profligacy
  5. Fulfilled In Warfare
  6. Contest Of Wills
  7. Master Of Murder
  8. Ideal Genocide
  9. Drink The Blood
Deeds Of Flesh - Mark Of The Legion
I cannot help but give DEEDS OF FLESH my upmost respect for continuing to persevere in the name of brutal American Death Metal. This is one band that deserves more recognition for, but continues to remain in the "underground of the underground" of the genre, which is a shame considering all the hard work they've put in through touring and releasing consistently brutal albums.

Now, this is the only DoF-album I own at the moment, but I've heard some of their earlier work, and it remains clear to me that DoF is all about being brutal, fast, and technical, and "Mark Of The Legion" is certainly no exception. Their sound falls in the SUFFOCATION/IMMOLATION-category of unrelentingly fast, "barrage-of-blast-beats" Death Metal, laced with brainbending guitar riffs, which are oftentimes harmonized to create tension, and other times very chunky for the sake of pure heaviness. Hails to Erik Lindmark for handling all the guitar duties on this album, plus the vocals! It seems like a daunting task, but he pulls it off like a true master.

In fact, all of the musicianship on this album is superb. The drummer has incredible stamina and creativity, plus a grab-bag of blast beats which he pulls off at any given moment. The performance is undoubtedly this album's biggest strength, but it falls short of being an instant classic through the noticeable similarity between songs. There is simply nothing about any individual track on this album which screams "remember me!". The tempos remain fast-to-very-fast all the way through, with little variety to be found in the album's 40+ minutes. It all becomes likened to a KRISIUN-album in its somewhat repetitive nature.

Still, if you are looking to find something that will satisfy your cravings for something new and unapologetically brutal, please don't hesitate to seek this out! It definitely "does the job" quite well.

Gabriel Gose

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