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HateSphere - Ballet Of The Brute (9/10) - Denmark - 2004

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 36:30
Band homepage: HateSphere


  1. The Beginning And The End
  2. Deathtrip >mp3
  3. Vermin
  4. Downward To Nothing >mp3
  5. Only The Strongest... >mp3
  6. What I See I Despise
  7. Last Cut, Last Head
  8. Warhead
  9. Blankeyed
  10. 500 Dead People
HateSphere - Ballet Of The Brute

Holy shit, this is one tough son of a bitch!!! HATESPHERE are but one of many “soon to be hailed as the new Death/Thrash Metal elite” bands that are writing and putting out quality albums in fast forward mode. The Danish quintet are about to release their own earthquake that will leave ears bleeding, cars devastated, buildings ruined and possibly make the skies burn. People, I give you “Ballet Of The Brute”.


You probably know that around nine out of ten of all these Death/Thrash Metal bands have little to show for when it comes to originality; many are tedious, mediocre, but then there are those that convince with a captivating performance and state of the art sound, HATESPHERE is to be placed into that group.


Ok off we go. The album begins with a monstrous intro called “The Beginning And The End”; right from the start the Danes sound pissed off, one of the heaviest intro’s I’ve heard for some time, oh and the sound is huge by the way. All hell breaks loose when “Deathtrip” comes calling with its fast tempos and explosive guitar work and on top of that is a charged Mr. Bredahl yelling and growling his lungs out.


“Vermin” comes out next in a groovier pace, Bredahl does some semi clean shouting which works rather well behind the extreme vocals; again, these riffs have been used before but the performance just makes you care less about it. Some of the riffs in “Downward To Nothing” have a certain DEATH “Human” era approach to them and an equal certain resemblance in the brutal and dark sound. Then it’s time for one of the best tracks of the album titled “Only The Strongest...”, smells a lot like an ENTOMBED song to me but my god how those riffs smoke, the drums so heavy and clear, a monster track (there’s that performance outwits originality thing again).


Anders Gyldenřhr’s (GROPE) drumming shows a massive display of intricate fills on “What I See I Despise” and both guitarists have some shredding solo work lined up, another monster track. “Last Cut, Last Head”, ridiculously catchy, melodic and brutal, my favourite track if I had to choose one, yet another monster track.


Jacob Hansen (INVOCATOR) shares the vocals with Bredahl on “Warhead” which has a slight Hardcore touch in atmosphere, drumming is superior on this track. “500 Dead People” closes this superlative album with a big bang, the supersonic heavy riffs are balanced with more melodic chords and subtle keyboards, a bit different from the rest.


There you go, not much more to say, if you call yourself a Death/Thrash fanatic, you don’t wanna miss “Ballet Of The Brute”. (Online July 2, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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