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1 tablature for Racer X

Racer X - Technical Difficulties (8/10) - USA - 1999

Genre: Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 50:12
Band homepage: Racer X


  1. Phallic Tractor
  2. Fire Of Rock
  3. Snakebite
  4. Technical Difficulties >mp3
  5. Miss Mistreater
  6. Bolt In My Heart
  7. 17th Moon >mp3
  8. Waiting
  9. Poison Eyes
  10. B.R.O.
  11. God Of The Sun
  12. Give It To Me
  13. The Executioner's Song
  14. Children Of The Grave >mp3
Racer X - Technical Difficulties

From the moment I heard this band I was hooked. I was going through a time where shredding was all I wanted to do as well as go to Los Angeles and study at GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology). This band personified that school.


“Technical Difficulties” is a guitar player's CD, completely full of technique performed and recorded to near perfection. There isn’t a track on here that I wouldn’t sit and listen to over and over again. However if I were to make a choice of my favourites they would have to be “Miss Mistreater”, “Technical Difficulties” and “Children Of The Grave”.


As I said before this is a guitar player’s album, any player that is interested in pushing themselves to the limit this would be a place to start. Buy this CD and see what Paul Gilbert was doing before MR.BIG was even a thought. (Online July 2, 2004)

Charles McLachlan

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