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Fanyan & Dark - s/t (7/10) - China - 2003

Genre: Electro Metal
Label: So Rock Records
Playing time: 44:10
Band homepage: Fanyan & Dark


  1. It’s Today It’s Now
  2. Attack Are You Ready
  3. Born Or No
  4. “Honesty
  5. Stray
  6. Phenomenon
  7. F\*\*K The More
  8. The Bottom Line
  9. Second Face
  10. No Why
Fanyan & Dark - s/t

This must be on of the most unknown bands out there, there is little information of them on the web and most of the webpages are in kanji characters, which happens to be one of my weak points. Anyway, is always good to have some strange records in your collection, like this one.


FANYAN & DARK plays Electro Gothic Metal, filled with synths, beeps and bleeps. So if you’re totally against Industrial/Electro Metal, take a hike and wait for the next review.


The album starts with a cool song, “It’s Today, It’s Now”. The track has a great haunting piano, great guitar riffs and aggressive vocals, Indus elements and good production. When track 2 comes around, “Attack Are You Ready” things are very different, this song has bad production and sounds like a bad Hardcore song, seems to me that it was recorded in a completely different session than the first one. Third round comes with “Born Or No” a slow paced song with totally annoying vocals, in the chorus, the vocalist screams eeeeeeeeee, just awful.


Luckily with song number four things go back to the beginning, great electro sounds, killer riffs and aggressive vocals and mostly the rest of the album goes like that, some killer songs are “Stray” , “F\*\*k The More” and “No Why” (really danceable, drum n’ bass included).


Quite a strange record from the land of the rising sun (actually as far as I know, this is from China! – Alex), some songs good and some other totally awful. Electro post-Industrial Gothic Metal for the whole world! Proceed if you like Industrial Metal, if you hate beeps, bleeps and synths, stay away from this one. (Online July 6, 2004)

Enrique Congrains

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