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Country of origin: Novi Sad, Serbia
Founded: 2001
Status: Active
Official homepage: Tales Of Dark

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Band History - Tales Of Dark (Online July 2004)

Tales Of Dark

TALES OF DARK is a Doom/Death Metal band from Novi Sad (Serbia) which has been active for two and a half years already. In that time the band has recorded a demo CD, played several interesting concerts, had appearances on several (national) radio and TV shows, did a number of interviews published in various magazines, fanzines and webzines, all with the purpose of introducing the band to a wide national audience.


The mentioned demo CD bearing the title “U Kori Tame” was recorded in early 2003 in Novi Sad and it is the first studio recording of the band. It was well received by the audience and the webzines and fanzines, as well as some radio stations, which have been promoting it. The CD contains 4 songs (3 in English and 1 in Serbian) the total running time of which is 27 minutes and it represents the first period of the band's creative efforts. This material was done when the line-up was somewhat different than it is now; consequently, the genre of music was somewhat different – namely, the demo contains quite a bit of Gothic elements alongside Doom and Death Metal riffs.


Only 3 people stayed in the band out of the line-up that recorded the demo. The original keyboardist Predrag Babic was replaced because of leaving to the army, while bassist Radenko Maric and vocalist Borka Medic are no longer with the band because of disagreements about the music. Drummer Vukašin Mandic left TALES OF DARK to working with another band.


The new TALES OF DARK keyboard player, Davor Menzildžic, joined the band in July 2003, but has worked with the band before, as he helped with mastering the demo. Bassist Svetlana Radeka and Jovana Karajanov, in charge of female backing vocals, joined the band in December 2003.Last member that joined us was Darko Stojanovic who became our new drummer at the April 2004. With these line-up changes, the band solidified their sound and met all the conditions for recording their first full-length album, as well as for full concert activity.

The current TALES OF DARK line-up:


Nikola Cavar – Guitar

Kristijan Zavodski – Guitar

Arpad Takac – Vocals

Davor Menzildžic – Keyboards

Svetlana Radeka – Bass

Jovana Karajanov – Backing Vocals

Darko Stojanovic – Drums


The band is currently on a mini tour during which they will play 6 venues in 15 days and working on new songs that will be recorded in late 2004. The material is much more serious compared to the demo and quire a bit more at home in the Doom genre, which will hopefully be well received by the fans. On the new material, the role of lyrics writer was taken over by Arpad, who wrote several excellent lyrics not straying too far from the original concept: pain and darkness caused by one belief…


TALES OF DARK is one of the few, if not the only band from these parts playing this kind of music, so all interested webmasters, owners of fanzines, radio and TV show hosts as well as people who organize concerts can contact the band through the following address and/or phone number:



+ 381 64 20 14 981


Current Line-Up:
Nikola Cavar – Guitar (also bassist in ANGUISH SUBLIME)
Kristijan Zavodski – Guitar

Arpad Takac – Vocal (also in ANGUISH SUBLIME)

Davor Menzildžic – Keyboards

Svetlana Radeka – Bass

Jovana Karajanov – Backing Vocals

Darko Stojanovic – Drums

Previous members:
Vukašin Mandic – Drums (on “U Kori Tame”)

Radenko Maric – Bass (on “U Kori Tame”)

Predrag Babic – Keyboards (on “U Kori Tame”)

Borka Medic – Vocals (on “U Kori Tame”)



U Kori Tame (Demo CD)

Nikola Cavar – Guitar

Kristijan Zavodski – Guitar

Arpad Takac – Vocal

Predrag Babic – Keyboards

Vukašin Mandic – Drums

Radenko Maric – Bass

Borka Medic – Vocals

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "U Kori Tame" - Independent

Total playing time: 26:21

  1. Forever
  2. U Kori Tame
  3. Prophecy
  4. Epilogue: Eve Of Faithloss


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