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Country of origin: Limburg, Germany
Founded: 2000
Status: Active
Official homepage: Braindeadz

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Band History - Braindeadz (Online July 2004)


We are 4 guys from a small town called Limburg and came together in order to make the kind of music we love most: Old school Thrash Metal!!


But let’s review the past, how this audio catastrophe was born:

Jason and Ardian had the idea of forming a band long before they even met each other! As Heavy Metal guys are very rare in the nearby of Limburg, they soon collided and decided to search for other musicians. That was in 1998.


But things weren’t as easy as they thought they would be! Those guys they found were supposed to be musicians, but soon turned out to be just motor mouthing show-offs who could talk but not act! So it seemed quite hopeless in the beginning and they finally put their idea into cold storage. Their ways parted and they didn’t talk about it for a long time, until the end of 2000.


Jason again was looking for musicians while Ardian was playing in a band called CURFEW, but soon left due to the stylistic changes the band underwent. So they met up again and after spending a whole night drinking together they again were fired with the enthusiasm for their previous idea of forming a band! Ardian got in touch with a Thrash band in their nearby where a singer and a guitarist were still wanted. Soon they were in the band they called BRAINDEADZ!


But they soon noticed they couldn’t get along with each other, neither musically nor personally and the hostile split came not even half a year after they came together! After that happened Jason and Ardian once again resumed their search for true BRAINDEADZ and this time they were successful. Through many persons they met Thorsten, a very bizarre person who instantly fancied the two with his sick and unique character! He happened to play bass, too, so Ardian and Jason knew, he was their kind of guy!


Now just a drummer was missing. Short after Thorsten joined he called Timm and told him about the band. He asked him to become the drummer. Timm was enthusiastic and agreed immediately. He hadn’t played in a band for a long time and wanted to sell his drum set on that day. Maybe he would have never played drums again! The true BRAINDEADZ were born!!!


But then, two years after the band was formed, they had to undergo another line-up change. Personal differences and frictions between Timm and the rest of the band started to emerge and soon became unbearable for the band. So they decided to drop Timm because the constant quarrels were endangering the bands existence. After quite a time they found another drummer named Hausi who had been playing in a couple of Hardcore and Punk bands and who had got tired of playing that what he had called “boring type of music”. So he was happy with that offering and came around for an audition. He did so great that the BRAINDEADZ gave him the job.


What’s still missing is a rhythm guitar player. Though they had some in their band, it never lasted long! So the search still goes on...


But they managed to record a demo and play a couple of gigs where they were well received by the public! Jason (lyrics) and Ardian (Music) constantly work on new material. Besides own songs the also play cover songs from bands like METALLICA, TESTAMENT, BLACK SABBATH.

Current Line-Up:
Jason – Vocals
Thorsten – Bass
Hausi – Drums
Ardian – Guitars

Previous members:
Timm – Drums (on “Open Up Wide, We're Coming Inside“)
Andy – Guitars


Hang'em Highschool

Jason – Vocals

Thorsten – Bass

Hausi – Drums

Ardian – Guitars

"The Metal Observer" Review
"The Metal Observer" Review


2005 "Hang'Em Highschool" - STF Records

Total playing time: 47:31

  1. Hang 'Em Highschool >mp3
  2. Servant Of The Flesh
  3. Tortures Of Me
  4. Violator
  5. Killer
  6. Devil In Disguise
  7. Labyrinth Of Death
  8. Shattered Youth
  9. Thrash Attack



Dr. Pain's Medicine

Jason – Vocals

Thorsten – Bass

Hausi – Drums

Ardian – Guitars

"The Metal Observer" Review


2004 "Dr. Pain's Medicine" - Independent

Total playing time: 24:57
  1. Madness Fucking Madness
  2. Devil In Disguise >mp3
  3. Servant Of The Flash >mp3
  4. Shattered Youth
  5. Violator
  6. Thrashattack >mp3



Open Up Wide, We're Coming Inside

Jason – Vocals

Thorsten – Bass

Timm – Drums

Ardian – Guitars

2002 "Open Up Wide, We're Coming Inside" - Independent

Total playing time: 28:00

  1. The Last Step
  2. Killer
  3. Action Is My Reaction
  4. Day Of Suicide
  5. Hero Of Yesterday


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