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53 tablatures for King Diamond

King Diamond - Them (8,5/10) - Denmark - 1988

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Playing time: 43:20
Band homepage: King Diamond


  1. Out From The Asylum
  2. Welcome Home
  3. The Invisible Guests
  4. Tea
  5. Mother's Getting Weaker
  6. Bye, Bye, Missy
  7. A Broken Spell
  8. The Accusation Chair
  9. "Them"
  10. Twilight Symphony
  11. Coming Home
  12. Phone Call (Bonus Track)
King Diamond - Them

KING DIAMOND is back again with another horror story that is created from the hole that once held his soul. With his lofty and haunting voice the King outlines the story throughout this CD.


This CD is full of catchy guitar hooks and solos. The Kings’ voice is as good as ever with his signature multiple layer harmonies to add a pseudo satanic/horror feel to the songs. Andy LaRoque and Pete Blakk are great guitar players and seemingly underrated in the normal guitar circles in what they do. Throughout the CD I hear great homage being paid to the sound of old JUDAS PRIEST.


If I had to list songs that I particularly thought were considered favourites on “Them” I would be hard-pressed to do so. I must admit though I do like the arrangement in “Mother’s Getting Weaker” and “Tea”. The little interludes between the songs like “Out From the Asylum” and “Phone Call” are amazing, they set the mood for the upcoming songs.


If you’re looking for a CD that can scare you crazy then I suggest this “Them”. You cannot get any better than the master of Horror and death than KING DIAMOND himself. (Online July 8, 2004)

Charles McLachlan

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