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Depression/Haemorrhage - Zur Stille Finden/ Live In The Morgue (Split) (8/10) - Germany/Spain - 2002

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Cudgel Agency
Playing time: n/a
Band homepage: Depression


  1. The Ancient Arrival Of Thy Utter Darkness
  2. No Tumours, Just Rumours
  3. Defaced
  4. (She's) Satn In High Heels
  5. No Need For S God
  6. Under The Pale Moonlight
  7. Enough (Agathocles-cover)
  8. The Battle
  9. An Autumn Blaze
  10. I Am The Devil
  11. Jimmy Was In Town

  12. Treasures Of Anatomy
  13. Necrotic Garbage
  14. Pyosisified (Carcass-cover)
  15. Deranged For Loathsome
  16. Putrescent Necromorphism
  17. Anatomized
  18. Decom-Posers
  19. Disgorging Foetus (Regurgitate-cover)
  20. Excavating The lliac Fossa
  21. Oozing Molten Gristle
  22. Staph Terrorist (Impetigo-cover)
  23. I'm A Pathologist
Depression - Zur Stille Finden/ Live In The Morgue (Split)
DEPRESSION hail from Germany and they a pretty good brand of Grind/Death Metal. I have here a split-CD of DEPRESSION and HAEMORRHAGE and this thing is just pure fucking sickness and Grindcore. DEPRESSION start off with a weird intro and then just go straight for the throat with guttural vocals and a twisty guitar attack on all eleven songs.

There a lot of bands out there today and I have to say they are all beginning to blend too much with each other. Now I just try and find the bands who play it better than others!!! Well, DEPRESSION are one of the better bands! I hear old school Death Metal as well as newer stuff. I think that fans of pure Death Metal without the total Grind will eat this shit up!!!!!

Man I love it when sick bands release a live-CD!!!!! It's just awesome. Now I have to admit I am not to familiar with HAEMORRHAGE. I have heard of them, but this is the first true experience I get. These guys are just brutal.

10 songs of gore-ridden music. The vocals are super sick like you would expect and the guitars are pretty crunchy, certain bands sound shitty playing Grind live you know!!!! HAEMORRHAGE sound good live on this offering, everything comes off clear and crisp. Although the originality issue always comes up, they play their style well and I am sure that the next release from these gore makers will be even more sick!!!!

Cudgel Agency is starting to gain a reputation for having some of the most brutal acts in the underground. For all you grinding gore-freaks this release is perfect.

Alex Rivera

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