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13 tablatures for Windir

Windir - Likferd (9/10) - Norway - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Head Not Found
Playing time: 48:43
Band homepage: Windir


  1. Resurrection Of The Wild
  2. Martyrium
  3. Despot
  4. Blodssvik
  5. Fagning
  6. On The Mountain Of Goats
  7. Dauden
  8. Ætti Mørkna
Windir - Likferd

Many people were shocked to hear about the tragic death of BATHORY frontman and creator, Quorthon, but as much influential he might be to the Metal scene, another great musician passed at the end of this year, I’m talking about WINDIR vocalist, founder and main composer, Terje Bakken aka Valfar.


Valfar left behind him a great legacy called WINDIR, a Black Metal band that I suppose most of you are aware of. Personally I don’t like to define WINDIR as a Black Metal band, but a Viking Metal band, because the Folk influences are very present the music, and the Nordic themes are also there.


The album is not your average Black Metal album, first, counts with a superb production, and a wonderful illustration graces the cover art. The album starts with the epic “Resurrection Of The Wild” a fantastic piece were each part falls just in place with the next one, the use of clean choruses gives the song a sensational feeling of one being in some Norwegian landscape, next is “Martyrium” my favorite song ofn the album, the Folk melodies in this song intertwine perfectly with the choruses and the guitar leads, creating one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had with a Black Metal album.


The keyboards play a mayor role in the music, giving always the perfect dose of atmosphere necessary to create the desired effect. The shrieks of Valfar are perfect, because they’re not too high, and although it seems impossible to a Black Metal singer to do, he sings following each melody of the album.


Almost each song is an anthem filled with blast beats countered by excellent Folk parts and catchy melodies, and those clean choruses, they’re just great! At the end of “Blodssvik” you’ll find some cool choirs too.


Sadly, WINDIR broke up after Valfar’s passing, and they’re playing their last gig on Sept. 3 2004, the day Valfar would have turned 26. Also that day, a last WINDIR album is out, a double tribute/best of album. WINDIR’s gone, Valfar’s gone, what a great lost for the Metal community! At least we have this great album to remind us that once there was a great bad called WINDIR. (Online July 9, 2004)

Enrique Congrains

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