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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - CRYSTAL EYES - Vengeance Descending

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Crystal Eyes - Vengeance Descending (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Heavy Fidelity
Playing time: 61:51
Band homepage: Crystal Eyes


  1. Vengeance Descending
  2. Highland Revenge >mp3
  3. Child Of Rock
  4. Mr. Failure
  5. Dream Chaser
  6. The Wizard's Apprentice >mp3
  7. Metal Crusade
  8. The Beast In Velvet
  9. Heart Of The Mountain
  10. Oblivion In The Visionary World
Crystal Eyes - Vengeance Descending

CRYSTAL EYES have been in existence for 12 years, released two full lengths, four demos and now they are just getting things cooking. Since the band was never fully satisfied with the quality of the production or the distribution they had with their other label, the band's manager started his own label and the guys are doing things their way by having total control of everything and this release should start making the rounds slowly, but surely world-wide.


The band plays Power Metal that is a combination of 80's British, German and American Metal. The band really isn't so focused on playing polished Metal that is being served to you today. This is a bit more raw, but played very cleanly and packed with power. The title track starts things off just right. The song is what I would like to call mid-paced Power Metal. There is plenty of double bass drumming, but they don't go at the speed of light. The guitars have plenty of crunch, but never go over the top. Mikael's vocals come off a little like Mike Kiske from old HELLOWEEN and the music sounds a bit like SCANNER. Many of you may not know that band, but they were a cool German Power Metal band back in the 80's. “Highland Revenge“ continues with full force and perform everything just right.


“Child Of Rock“ is slower than the first two tracks, but fear not because this isn't a ballad. The guitars may slow down just a tad, but they are still packed with feeling and energy and when it comes time for the solo, Jonathan really soars through the sky and above. “Dream Chaser“ is a really kick ass jam due to the galloping guitar riffs that open the song. They are vintage IRON MAIDEN, but they don't rip them off or try to replicate their olden days. It's very original and catchy. The CD wraps up with a very nice ballad “Oblivion In The Visionary World.“ There are acoustic guitars along with atmospheric vibes that are complimented very nicely by Mike's voice. This is a soothing song that ends the disc just right.


I know there are plenty of you who are old school Power Metal fans who are fed up with the over slick and Hollywood production of many bands today. The band scales back to when things were simpler in the 80's and their main focus was the music and sometimes it's a good thing. Each track boasts a lot of power and energy and never gets boring. There is nothing over the top, but when the guitars do come in for a solo, damn do they make your ears stand up. The band does everything just right here and this CD should start making the rounds. I know there are a lot of people who are sick of the RHAPSODYs, Lucas and Dream Theater's of the world. If you are in need for a change of pace in the Power Metal scene, then feel free to snatch this up. (Online July 10, 2004)

Joe Florez

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