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Genius - A Rock Opera-Episode 2-In Search Of The Little Prince (8,5/10) - Italy - 2004

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Frontiers Records
Playing time: 79:50
Band homepage: Genius


  1. He Will Die
  2. Playing In Their Dreams
  3. He Won’t Escape
  4. Valley
  5. Beware
  6. My Dear Son
  7. What He Has To Say
  8. All My Fault
  9. To Be Free
  10. Fight Again
  11. Far Away From Here
Genius - A Rock Opera-Episode 2-In Search Of The Little Prince

GENIUS – a pretty self-confident name for a project. Daniele Liverani of EMPTY TREMOR once more has gathered a whole bunch of high-octane names around him to realise the second part of his Rock opera, under the title “A Rock Opera – Episode 2: In Search Of The Little Prince“.


You want a few of these names? Mark Boals (RING OF FIRE, ex Yngwie Malmsteen), Daniel Gildenlöw (PAIN OF SALVATION), Oliver Hartmann (EMPTY TREMOR, ex AT VANCE), Russel Allen (SYMPHONY X), Eric Martin and many more. Reads good? Sounds just as good, trust me!


“He Will Die“ sets off with driving double-bass and big choirs, a great vocal performance by Mark Boals, a more than good opening for this album! “Playing In Their Dreams” right after shows that they also are at home in the realm of classical Rock ballads, very moodily played and with an equally inspired vocal delivery by Daniel Gildenlöw, while “He Won’t Escape” thunders through the speakers in best SYMPHONY X fashion, fittingly with a very well disposed Russell Allen on the mic, just a bit more epic, also very strong!


Even the spoken interludes are underlaid with effects and also music and never get boring, as before “Valley”, which itself has got a good drive. Eric Martin’s inimitable voice makes “My Dear son” almost sound like a forgotten MR.BIG song, cool ballad, “All My Fault” then shows an a lot bigger Prog list and the first vocal part is so typically Johnny Gioeli, great.


The mix from some ballads, more epic songs and at times the full Power Metal club may seem a little much for some and at times all a bit abrupt, but still Deniele has managed to create a very cohesive, at times dramatic and above all good album, which does not only live off the vibrant songs, but also strongly by the great vocal performances of the characters, which together with the narrated parts give the whole thing a real opera/theatre feeling.


And as RING OF FIRE’s Philip Bynoe (the narrator) says at the end: To be continued… (Online July 11, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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