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Creed - Weathered (8,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Alternative Metal
Label: Epic/Wind Up
Playing time: 50:07
Band homepage: Creed


  1. Bullets
  2. Freedom Fighter
  3. Who's Got My Back?
  4. Signs
  5. One Last Breath
  6. My Sacrifice
  7. Stand Here With Me
  8. Weathered
  9. Hide
  10. Don't Stop Dancing
  11. Lullaby
Creed - Weathered
If you take a look into the "normal" charts, then you find some bands of a heavy sound. Some more or less heavy bands like Kid Rock, LIMP BIZKIT or LINKIN PARK even get gold- and platinum awards in dozens. Even though the Nu-Metal is kind of outlawed among "real" Metalians, the success of these bands still is a positive sign. Heavy or heavier Rock-music in general is booming again. Besides the already mentioned bands one is making a name for itself: CREED. With their last really good album "Human Clay" the band received some high-calibre awards and this most likely will repeat with their latest longplayer "Weathered". Just take a look at the charts.

But what does this album have to offer the Metalian?

"Weathered" as a whole is a really good mix of heavy guitars, fat grooves, calm parts and just great vocals. When I had listened to this CD for the first time, the names of FUEL 238 and FAITH NO MORE came to my mind. Especially the vocals of Scott Stapp remind me a lot of the FUEL-singer. The first two songs "Bullets" and "Freedom Fighter" are both heavy groove-songs with really crunchy guitars. "Who's Got My Back?" starts out rather calmly in comparison, having a slight Indian touch. In the course of its more than six minutes the song rises into an energetic killer, which makes your hair stand up. Very good.

The grooving "Signs", too, is a strong song, which reminds me a lot of FAITH NO MORE in their heavier days, while "One Last Breath" is s bit calmer again after that. That track is perfect for me to relax after a hard day. Here, too, the guitars rule, of course, but somehow the song has this very own magic. For me one of the highlights on "Weathered". But the best thing is that there are two more songs of this calibre right after this. "My Sacrifice" and "Stand Here With Me" are a good bit heavier again, but no less catchy. Especially "Stand Here With me" has enough cool hooks to let your hair rotate. The title-track and "Hide" are more relaxed, especially "Hide" for sure is radio-compatible (OK, at least in the USA), although the song is too shallow for me. Towards the end the band reduces the heaviness in general somehow. "Don't Stop Dancing" has a nice melody, but fails to impress me, a song for the quiet evening with your girlfriend. The closing "Lullaby" also is rather useful for dreaming than rocking, not a bad song, but in my opinion a real kick into your rear would have been better for the end of the album.

CREED have delivered a damn strong album with "Weathered". I think that they could not top "Human Clay", but at least equal it. The musical mix for sure is top of the crop. Calm parts alternate with heavy grooves and very good vocals support the energetic melodies. To the band presents us with a good lot of catchy songs, which are just plainly real fun.

Another big plus is that the band uses some quite good guitar-solos (e.g. in "Stand Here With Me"), which we are not really used to from most Nu-Metal-Bands. IMO you shouldn't really push them into this corner anyway, the band just rocks away timelessly and that is what counts, doesn't it? So, "real" Metalheads and stubbornheads, listen to this album, it won't hurt (I've done so as well, although I never orientate at the charts!).

Check-out-tips: "One Last Breath", "My Sacrifice", "Stand Here With Me"...

Patrick Weiler

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