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Scarlet - Cult Classics (7,5/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Ferret Music
Playing time: 40:42
Band homepage: Scarlet


  1. O.D.
  2. Get Your Gun
  3. The Joy Decoys Are Coming
  4. Suicide Soundtrack >mp3
  5. Life Support
  6. Dead America
  7. Sinning By Your Side
  8. Nymphoteens
  9. Human Pollen
  10. Lie. Fake. Money-Make.
  11. Florescent Sunshine
  12. No One's Getting Out Alive
  13. The Mannequin Campaign
  14. My Black Hole Girl
  15. Untitled >mp3
  16. You're My Fix
Scarlet - Cult Classics

With my new found penchant for dissonant and chaotic Metalcore, a friend of mine recommended that I give SCARLET a try and well, here we are.


Two things immediately strike me about SCARLET; one, they start of sounding a lot like THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, but, while still relatively chaotic, they never quite reach the heights that DEP did on "Calculating Infinity". While some may find this disappointing, I find it that it has its advantages, in that SCARLET can't be labelled as some DEP clone and by creating less chaotic songs, they concentrate on adding a few other little surprises here and there and have spent some time writing good songs instead of just concentrating on chaos, which give you a good reason to re-listen to the album. Tracks like "Get You Gun" and the addictive "Suicide Soundtrack" are prime examples of the somewhat chaotic song writing coupled with catchier elements.


As the album gets to the half way point, however, it becomes clear that there is more to SCARLET than one would have originally thought at the beginning of the album. SCARLET put the dissonant Metalcore aside more than a few times on the album and instead take up a more melodic style that is much more contained. While it's a different take on the style, it does pose some problems. Sometimes the change works, like on the dangerously quiet "Human Pollen" but other times it's too contrary to the album and the counter momentum almost derails the CD. The material past the half way mark becomes somewhat of a mixed bag, but thankfully, most of it is good.


The problem with this album is that after a while a lot of the songs just seem to intertwine and it becomes hard to tell exactly where you are on the album. While that works for the first four songs, later on it becomes annoying and the album begins to drag. While I feel enthusiastic to listen to "Cult Classic" when I start the disc, I find I lose interest before it's over. Leaving a few tracks on the editing room floor would have helped a great deal. (Online July 12, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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