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Godhead - Evolver (6,5/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Industrial
Label: Reality Entertainment
Playing time: 55:26
Band homepage: Godhead


  1. The Hate In Me >mp3
  2. Just Like You
  3. The Giveaway >mp3
  4. Keep Me Down
  5. Far Too Long
  6. Deconstruct
  7. Fade Away
  8. Dream
  9. Ghost Of Your Memory
  10. Anybody Else
  11. Rotten
  12. Without
Godhead - Evolver

I must admit that I was never a fan of the band or realized just how long they have been out. I saw them on tour with RAMMSTEIN and didn't care much for them even thought they had a hit with an Industrial version of THE BEATLES classic “Eleanor Rigby”. Well, I have the new CD in my hand and it's not that bad.


“The Hate In Me“ is the perfect blend of crunching guitars, thumping drumbeats and industrial vibes wrapped up in a nice up tempo beat that will have your foot tapping. It's catchy and not so over the top that only a specific genre of people can listen to it. This is for everyone and it also has commercial radio appeal once again like their last album. “The Giveaway“ is another up beat and rocking number that has it all to make you wake up. The guitars are very metallic in sound and while this is very Industrial, it's very listenable and entertaining. “Keep Me Down“ is another track that has radio potential. Everything about this song is cool from the catchy rhythms to the atmospheric vibes. This song rocks!


The band manages to bring it down a few notches to a slower pace with “Far Too Long.“ The song still has a bit of bite, but it's a bit more laid back. There is even some piano action going on here. Call this one a power ballad, if you will, in the Industrial Rock community. The guys get really tripped out here by creating these sounds that sound like they are coming from “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” on “Fade Away.“ This is another track that is a bit laid back with outer space vibes, but it works. The mid half of the disc slows down a bit after the first 4 to 5 tracks, but the band manages to kick your ass once again with “Anybody Else.“ This song picks up a lot of steam once again and the guitar work is pretty fast and slick. This one will get your juices flowing.


“Without“ is a true ballad here. Nothing but an acoustic guitar is the star of the show here. Wayne Static of STATIC-X makes a guest appearance here and it makes sense because he comes from the same background as these guys. This CD was a nice surprise because I was expecting the absolute worse from GODHEAD. The music has a nice blend of everything and nothing is over the top. It's all pretty much mainstream with a focus on being on commercial radio across the globe and it has the potential to do just that. Decent music with a good beat makes for fun listening. (Online July 20, 2004)

Joe Florez

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