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Warrior - The Wars Of Gods And Men (7/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Metal
Label: Reality Entertainment
Playing time: 40:32
Band homepage: -


  1. The Wars Of Gods And Men
  2. Do It Now
  3. Never Live Your Life Again
  4. Salvation
  5. Three AM Eternal
  6. Mars
  7. Unseen Forces
  8. Hypocrite
  9. Naked Aggression
  10. Love Above All
Warrior - The Wars Of Gods And Men

WARRIOR is back with a new CD and a different singer this time around. “The Code Of Life“ featured Rob Rock, but now we have Mark Storace of KROKUS fame. This long running Metal act continues to plow you over with their brand of 80's Power Metal featuring original member Joe Floyd on guitars. The title track is a great opener because it's jam packed with power and the guitar solos are very slick. Mark's vocals never did anything for me, but you KROKUS fans just might eat this up. This track is loaded with gritty, but heavy and powerful guitar riffs along with gruffy vocals that come off a little like Blackie Lawless.


“Do It Now“ is a blend of 80's Metal and Blues with the occasional use of the slide guitar that makes for a nice mix. When you listen to the solo, it's loaded with slides galore and you can feel the passion that Joe puts into it. There's nothing like a Bluesy slide guitar to bring you down, but in this case, it just gives the song a little originality and feeling. “Never Live Your Life Again“ continues to pummel your ears with infectious guitar riffs and hard hitting drum work. I am still not a huge fan of Mark, but I guess you have to get used to it in the same way I had to with Chris Boltendahl of GRAVE DIGGER fame. “Three AM Eternal“ is one of the fastest tracks on the CD. It's also a lot heavier too. As if the first four tracks didn't wake you up, this one will for sure. The guitars are loud and have a lot of bit to them. The drums continue to slam their way into your heart and ears. They are thunderous for sure. This is another catchy track that all true Metal heads can be proud of.


“Mars“ slows things down which is greatly needed after all the power of Metal. The guitars provide an ethereal and atmospheric vibe and it's nice to hear. „Hypocrite“ is a mid paced number with groovy, but sludgy and distorted guitars and the vocals get gruffer than ever. Even though WARRIOR has been around for 20 plus years, they really don't show their age, as they are able to keep up with the new comers in the Metal and Power Metal genre. These guys are all veterans and while most of their music is rooted in 80's riffs, they do manage to take it to the next level which is the 21st century with a killer production from Joe Floyd. All Metal heads should get into this album with the greatest of ease. (Online July 20, 2004)

Joe Florez

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