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Wonderland - Eternally (-/10) - Italy - 2003

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Rising Works
Playing time: 15:21
Band homepage: Wonderland


  1. Eternally
  2. Follow The End
  3. The Call Of The Dawn
  4. Children Of Heaven
Wonderland - Eternally

A who's who of Italian Power Metal, WONDERLAND, consisting of ex as well as current members from SHADOWS OF STEEL, LABYRINTH and VISION DIVINE (to name a few) serve us up with a four song EP entitled "Eternally" in preparation for their debut release "Follow Me".


Comprised of all unreleased tracks, WONDERLAND waste no time in establishing themselves as (go figure) extremely Melodic Metal in the same vein as every other Italian metal band you've ever heard and just like all those similar bands I am alluding to, WONDERLAND do what they do well. However, this is about the only positive aspect regarding this mini CD. Opener "Eternally" kicks things off sounding more like Melodic Hard Rock with pop undertones than actual Metal, which is then followed up by the equally pop-influenced ballad "Follow The End". Laden with electronics, the EP peaks with the heavier "The Call Of The Dawn" which is pure Italian Melodic (Power) Metal to the core. Closing things off with a cover of SWORD's "Children Of Heaven", I can't say that I am left with overwhelming feelings of excitement for WONDERLAND's debut. Sure these guys can play, but everything found here has been done before so times already I can't help but feel totally underwhelmed by the time this collection reaches its conclusion.


Whether or not these guys choose to take their obvious talents and apply themselves in a more captivating and original way is up to them, but I can honestly say that they'll need a lot more than tracks like these if they strive to stand out and be noticed. (Online July 20, 2004)

Nathanaël Larochette

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