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Pentagram - Be Forewarned (9/10) - USA - 1992

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Peaceville Records
Playing time: 59:06
Band homepage: Pentagram


  1. Live Free And Burn
  2. Too Late
  3. Ask No More
  4. The World Will Love Again
  5. Vampyre Love
  6. Life Blood
  7. Wolf's Blood
  8. Frustration
  9. Bride Of Evil
  10. Nightmare Gown
  11. Petrified
  12. A Timeless Heart
  13. Be Forewarned
Pentagram - Be Forewarned

PENTAGRAM should mean something to every Doom fanatic. Let it be said to those who don’t know the American band yet that albums like “Day Of Reckoning” or “Be Forwarned” belong to the best that the genre has ever produced. In addition to that their influence on bands like SAINT VITUS, THE OBSESSED and numerous others can’t be overheard anymore.


For many fans and critics the history of the band began in the mid-80’s with the self-titled debut which was then rereleased in 1993 under the name of “Relentless”. Yet it’s often overseen that PENTAGRAM have actually already been active since the early 70’s and released several vinyl singles back then.


For me „Be Forwarned“ is a godly Doom club that is almost addictive. PENTAGRAM have never been better, because here they finally managed, also production-wise, to deliver a completely perfect disc. The rhythm troup consists of Joe Hasselvander who, besides that, also swings the sticks in English RAVEN, and a bassist I’ve forgotten. The coronation is the unbelievably intense, conjuring singing by Bobby Lieblings whose voice has indeed something of Ozzy yet it can be recognized out of thousands of voices…


The heavyweight riffs of Victor Griffin drudge through the amps, so that you could get scared. I save myself the time to describe every single song because each one is a masterpiece for itself…Of course I should highlight the godly “Too Late” as well as the sad “Frustration”, the mighty “Life Blood” and the all surpassing title song “Be Forwarned”. During the melancholic acoustic parts you could truly grasp at the nearest razorblade or pistol…That’s how authentically emotions are conveyed here. The variation on the disc is amazing, too. Many Doom albums sound monotonous and boring, this one doesn’t…Convince yourselves if you are able to find this thing. That is to say it’s out of print – but well, there’s eBay… (Online July 26, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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