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Brodequin - Festival Of Death (10/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unmatched Brutality
Playing time: 30:53
Band homepage: Brodequin


  1. Mazzatello
  2. Judas Cradle
  3. Trail By Ordeal
  4. Torches Of Nero
  5. Vivum Excoriari
  6. Lake Of The Dead
  7. Blood Of The Martyr
  8. Gilles de Rais
  9. Flow Of Maggots
  10. Bronze Bowl
  11. Unto de Fa
Brodequin - Festival Of Death
Holy Shit, is this not the most brutal fucking release out there or what!!!! BRODEQUIN's first CD was just sick, with the vocals of Mike Bailey and the attack from Chad Walls and James Bailey, BRODEQUIN has released a most sickening effort.

From the beginning to the end these sickos just waste everything in sight. Their first CD sold over 5.000 copies and from what I understand they are still selling out!!!! Now with "Festival Of Death" I am thinking that all the fans of brutal and sick music will eat this up.

"Mazzatello", "Lake Of The Dead" and "Trial By Ordeal" are just a few of the songs that are brutal!!! BRODEQUIN rules and 10/10 describes this release!!!

Alex Rivera

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